Too bad the East semifinal is in Montreal

I would have liked to watch the game. Not listening to that horn for 3 hours though.


aw too bad for you so sad. you made a thread for this? pretty sure there are a lot of montreal fans who would disagree.


Seems to me TSN has muted it somewhat more into the general background stadium noise. It really doesn't bug me at all anymore.

I have season tickets and it never bothered me


i love the horns. adds some fan atmosphere. beats having the game in a morgue like BMO field. i'd rather hear more of the football horns though.



Same here. I’ll just follow the game tracker.

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oh yea you're on radio. i could see it being hard to listen to the game like that with the horns going off. CFL needs to get the streaming action going, whether it's with TSN or ESPN. i actually watch a lot of football on mute. playoff games or really important ones i put on the sound.

So you would rather read about the game than watch on TV with the volume off?


I don’t think he gets it on tv down there. I believe he's on a radio feed, so mute wouldn't really work for him.


I’d rather watch but I don’t have the TV option. I’m in the US and I don’t have cable. I listen to most games on Sirius radio.


Well if muting the radio doesn't work, just listen with your eyes closed :thinking::sleeping:


I dont like those damn birds flying across the screen

I’d rather the horns than the game being played in that toilet bowl known as the “Big O.”

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what, you mean your radio doesnt have close captioning?

you must live in the dark ages :slight_smile:

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when we attended the game in August you couldn't hear or identify any major horn sounds in the stadium.

I think it is more prevalent on the tv broadcast.


I love the big oh when attendance is high enough

Like I said it does not bother me at all

dont make me take that horn away from you

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well, if you are going to the games, of course it doesn't bother you.

but I think it's more the concern for those watching on TV.

now with that said, the original post is a bit ridiculous.