Tony Washington

At some point i hope this team forum isnt the deadest on the board. but until then i will continue to talk to myself... its almost like a free Stamps blog page for me. anyways, on with the topic.

I was thinking about posting this in the main CFL forum, but figured it would bet bounced. But since we have talked about jonas davis, and that guy from hamilton who smuggled drugs, i figured it might be ok to bring this one up in team forum. We have also talked about mr. vic on occasion.

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Great little informative article. The CFL is known somewhat for a place for second chances. also, with the new rule of having to sign for a minumum of two years, they can no longer come here for one short year, just using the CFL to get players back into the NFL. It seems as though he has already been playing through his second chance, and faired great with it. I hope they can get him across the boarder. he appears low risk to re-offend, and has paid his debt to society. I trust the Huff, and his ability to read people. this is definately not a phillips situation.

All this being said, he might not have been able to even make the team. liek with the DB they brought up last year. but i like the huff wanting to give him the competive chance the nfl would not.

No one was willing to give Tony Washington a chance, except Huff, what's that say about Huff--the man. It goes beyond being a great judge of talent , but also a terrific humanitarian.

Huff has been winning me over more and more all the time. i was angry when he traded cope, but oh well. mistakes are made. drafting well, and the great use of Canadians, has made me really like his style.

Tony Washington is in Camp now. I really hope this works out for him.

A Well written and poignant ESPN article.
Hope someone visits this forum and reads it..

...hopefully the majority of the fan base here sides with us, 'cause I'm with you guys on giving a second chance in this case...I started reading up on TW about a week ago when news filtered through Al Cameron about Huff's new signing, and the hurdles the team faced with Canada Immigration....the ESPN article helped a lot to explain Tony's past, present and where he wants to go, and I thought 'this situation is different than other men with troubled pasts that were allowed to come to the CFL'...the fact that his Christian-based college mentors are behind him 100% speaks volumes to me, personally...

....could be an awesome cinderella story in the works, good luck to TW and his bid to elevate his game to a pro level...

i'm curious why the issue was even mentioned? Does this give Washington a chance to have a second chance? I suspect there are fans and media who won't let him live the transgression down.

With the large amount of press this story was getting, i just wanted to get ahead of it a bit on the stamps forum, try to provide the positive spin for people to think on. the artcle sited later in the thread is a better one to refrence for sure

Just another note on this story, as i have been following it... Excited for game time tonight... Huff was on the radio, said they were giving a long hard look at starting washington tonight. this is huge! Why? Because this is his first year of Professional outdoor football, adjusting to A new Game (a new sport as far as the CFL is concerned IMO) and he came into training camp late. When they first brought him him, i gotta be honest, i was rooting for him, but was worried he would not adjust to the game this fast. i has figured he would be handing out water most of the year. sometimes its nice to be proven wrong i suspose. SO... The starters will be anounced at the beginning of the game, and i hope his name is called.

SIde note- BEcuase of his size and speed, i thought they would use him a little on special teams. i did not see him out there. perhaps because the special teams is a make or break part of the game and you need people with canadian experience to play on them? or maybe he was out there and i missed it.

note: washington started like i said, and he has played awesome other then the one penally in the first quarter.

Wow that story reads heavier than any script they could come up with in Hollywood.

I had no clue, and no wonder I don’t remember his name because the media caved in on him down here except amazingly ESPN afterwards with that fine piece.

It’s great to see Canada give this guy, who committed a heinous crime as a minor with hardly any support in a very rough background with a far less than appropriate upbringing, a second chance.

How could anyone not cheer for him at this point?

And most of the US sports media, the NFL, and even NCAA are being so hypocritical too, for consider the cases of many a current player with violent criminal records. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I think of all the stories of americans comming up for various reasons over the years, this one really got to me the most. Hence how i have been following it since as soon as i saw his name on the training camp list of potentials. As a christian, i felt a bit of attatchment to this story. how He really grabbed on and turned his life around. he has taken ownership. Going to one of the strictest schools in the southern states and excelling... in some ways, his story has become insperational.

Another note on this story... You need to realize no matter how hard we tried up here, we could not grasp the compexity of the hurricane. it is beyond my compacity of how devistating it was.

Also, i am your average spoiled small town white boy, who now spoils his small town kids. so the growing up in a "ghetto" setting, and not being able to make rent, moving all the time, parents splitting... its all foreign to me. it honestly breaks my heart when i read stories like that. the strength some people have is amazing.

accoring al Camron on the sun, They are looking at tony washington on the left side as well. i feel this could be a good spot for him. his strength and athletic ability would be put to good use protecting his QB's back side.

Just thought i woud put another note in on Tony Washington. Now i know you guys thing im beating a dead horse, but i think we are watching something really special happen. He did start at left side, the most crucial position on the O line. no sacks given up by the o line. no penalties for washington. Now, i am aware hamilton has a terrible d-line, and a terrible blitz package. Baggs is not living up to the hype. Still great. If the NFL teams can get over themselves, washington is as much as gone south in the 2013 season. Thats barring he continues to play like he is. lets face it, bad things happen. labinjo went from lights out to no one wants him. I hope that doesnt happen here. to start at left tackle only 6 games into pro outdoor football, thats awesome. keep protecting henry !

a couple bad games, and now hes not starting again. Thats ok, hes a rookie yet. I hope the huff stays with him. Im hoping the stamps go for kabongo in the off season. put tony on the left, kabongo on the right. could make for some mean protection.