Tony Tompkins Cut By Al's

Name: 2008-06-05: Alouettes Transactions:
Alouettes Transaction

Four new players joined the team today: Free safety Tony Lezotte, defensive back Chris Smith, offensive lineman Robbie Powell and veteran linebacker Corey Jenkins.

Three players have been released including veteran returners Ashlan Davis and Tony Tompkins and rookie defensive back Riley Swanson.

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that's always a bad sign when a team adds 4 players half way through camp. Reminds me of us last year.

From earlier posts I have read by Als fans,
their heads are spinning from the changes
just before and throughout Training Camp.

Montreal is looking a little inept for the approaching season. This may be the team we have to beat for a playoff spot.

If all goes well, our Ticats will more than grab a playoff spot. I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

And it all starts on June 26th!

Actually, it won't be much of a game on the 26th. Maybe Hamilton just start their season in week 2 cause Montreal is gonna whoop some butt! :twisted:

Seriously though, I really wanted to see what Tompkins would do with us, IMO, he and Jason Tucker have been Alouette-Killers these past few seasons.

I fixed the Link..
Well If wanted vet WR
He is out there for the Taking

meh, don't want him don't need him

If the Als still have the playoffs on their minds by laborday I'd be very surprised.

They'll probably just give up on the season after a 3-15 team beats them down in week one. :wink:

You know that Ive been on this board for a while and although I have often questioned the logic of certain posts, I have never sunk to the level of sheer blind loyalty of two or three posters here If the cats beat out the Als this year or even on opening day...great. Parity in the CFL is what we really want. Its been embarrasing watching the Als kick the Ticats butts for the last 4 seasons or so. I know, Ive been at every one of them...home and away.

More than a playoff spot?

Drexl...didn't your parents teach you to crawl before they taught you to walk? Sure they did, or else you would have fallen on your head. The Ticats have to crawl first...if they set their goals too high, they will crash and burn.

For the Cats to make the playoffs they better hope that Casey is ALOT better than he was last year. In another thread, Jason Maas is getting crucified for hiding an injury to collect the big salary. What do you think Casey did??? If you dont think he was coming in damaged goods well maybe you did fall on your noggin a couple of times.

I love the cats fans...had many a laugh, chewed the rag with them, had a beer and a 5$ hot dog. Walked many times back to my car after an Als win and was razzed by the Cat faithful, thats why I keep coming back.

Here online however its easy to sit back and be snarky and negative about everything that isnt black and gold. I cheered every TC win last year. I rooted for them in every game except against the Als.

You know why the Als brought in players at this point???, cause they didnt have room on the TC roster before they released a few. Maybe you dont like Popp but as far as building teams, he and Obie built teams that dominated the East and West respectively for the last decade. He knows what he's doing.

This is the best time of the season.

Every new RB is the next Pringle or Lumsden, ever new SB is the next Cahoon, that kid trying out at LB sure looks like Moreno. The Ticats look like a lock for the playoffs and the Als are as good as they were in 2002.

Of course most of this is BS. Jesses and Cahoons come by every decade, the Als are rebuilding and the Cats have to ntriple their win production to hope to contend.

But I dont care about any of this cause its TC and hope springs eternal. Im fed up with unsubstanciated opinions based on blind loyalty andd a limited knowledge of the facts.

It's not blind loyalty with me, I called it last year that we would be brutal and I also called the Giants to win the super bowl and almost even got the score right (go find the thread if you don't believe me lol). This year I just have a great feeling about this team.

And I just have to ask you what happens when a pit bull is tied to a tree and is beaten on day after day then you suddenly let it off its chain? lol

Remember the Cowboys dynasty started with a 1-15.

There's no more inferior coaches, no more inferior management, no more inferior players, no more noodle armed qb's and there's no more excuses.

Tompkins got cut because the Als signed Armstead who is a returner and can double as a receiver

Als _uck!!

This year I just have a great feeling about this team.
same here! All the pieces are falling into place i think, Casey, Jesse, Moreno, everything is looking great! We'll defs be stronger, and i'm pretty sure we'll be in the playoffs!! :)

Clip and Save.

Personaly I'm a lot more interested how both these teams will progress throughout the season. I think they will both be works in progress.

Hopefuly they are in the mix by labour day and show constant improvements.

Sounds like the Als are in trouble.... as they are brinking in players during training camp...hmmmm maybe Marcel had something to do with that. If the Als have a few too many losing season, they could go the way of the dodo bird once again. But seriously, why would they want to bring back Marcel???

They Need someone to be a Paper Pusher.
That what He did before Coming Here
That what he is doing again.

Marcel Desjardins was very successful as Popp's assistant before venturing into the quagmire that is the Hamilton Tiger-Cats organization. Sure, he made mistakes, but you can't tell me there weren't massive problems with the team from top to bottom that preceded Desjardins's arrival in Hamilton.