tony tomkins

does anyone know whats up with him...i remeber he made a big stink about not being able to go south lasty year...yet it still shows hes on our roster this year after his contract is done

what is going on with him? he re-signed yet?

As far as I know, Tony is in the final year of his contract coming up, and will be in training camp. The special teams lost a lot with Jeanty gone. He was one of the first ones back on punt coverage, and he was one of our best kick return and punt blockers for TNT.

Hopefully our coverage teams can pick up their effort this year. Tony never had much of a chance last year with 3 guys in his face every return.

The change in rules that once again allows blocking from the side on kick returns will help Tony, along with every other returner in the league. The rule last year that penalized any block that wasn’t straight on the front, really tied the hands of the blockers. Should be more special teams TD’s in '07!!

I hope so too.

One stat about the blocking rules that isn’t kept is:

How many times did a blocker “Pull Up” because he wasn’t sure if the hit would be legal or not?

Just a question to throw out there!

Probably quite a few. But, the expanded roster also allowed many teams to upgrade their special teams, especially cover teams. I don't think the rule change will have as dramatic an effect on returns as many of you hope it will.