Tony "The Tiger" Miles LifeStyles Pt. 1

Just finished watching the Part 1 of Tony Miles where the camera is following him around to give us fans a look inside what goes on behind the scenes.

What a riot, I must have cracked up laughing 10 times watching this show. What did you think of the video?...

WHAT THEā€¦ I just went back to the home page and the video is gone?! Is there anyone besides me that saw this video? It was hilarious!

do you have a link Gbonds?

I don't have a link I closed the window once I finished watching it.

It was on the main page of this site so I checked it out, after I posted this thread I went to watch it again and it was gone. I'm sure they will add it back to the videos soon, it was a really funny video though.

maybe Miles got cut today :lol:

Highly unlikey, as he is our only receiver with experience.

hey bonds im coming to hamilton baby....

The jet has landed again

that tells me .. me Jojo Made the Team..
Good for him if He did
We miss ya man.. Glad Your Back

LOL, Gbonds and you ONKnight you two have to show me around when I come.

YEAH BABY! :stuck_out_tongue: I'm super happy he has made it this year!

I take it JoJo called you to let you know?

Part 2 is on the site now with Part one.

Great Videos ..