Tony The Staplegun Proudfoot.

It was anounced today that Tony Proudfoot, Ex-Alouette star, CJAD Alouette anouncer, and Dawson College shooting hero has been diagnosed with A.L.S.(Lou Gehrig's disease)

If you heard the two preseason games on CJAD, he was slurring his words. This is caused by the A.L.S. :frowning:

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Tony!

A shame, no cure for this disease. Thoughts and prayers as well.

Same here; what a standout he was......

What a shame :frowning:

My heart goes out to him and his family.

very sad indeed.

ALS is very, very tough. Its an unfortunate situation.

Dawson College shooting hero? How was he involved in that?

First of all he teaches at Dawson.
He was looking out the window of his office when he heard the first shot and saw a student hit.. He grabbed his first aid kit and ran to the aid of that student putting himself in the danger of being shot himself.

The Score just did a great segment on him. Poor guy, but good for him for still announcing and writing.

All the best, dude.

Tony Proudfoot. Class act.