Tony Stallings

Does anybody think this guy got a raw deal in Calgary?

Here's his personal website:

....because we do not have access to the inside details of what was said, or even infered, in June between Tony and Stamps mgmt it would be difficult to say if it was mistreatment or not...but a difficult situation nonetheless with the wife and kids being here and all and then heartache....I would have liked to see Stallings utilized more, he seemed like guy with a lot of heart....

Ah boooby was a good player and got beat out in a numbers game. He knows and would love to have another chance. In fact he posted on Gostampsgo that he will be returning to the CFL but did not stipulate which team. The guy is a class act and a good team player. Good luck to him where ever he goes and the team that gets him is getting just that a good player, great team guy. Is he ticked with the Stamps managment I doubt it! Football is business and players understand that. I am sure if the Stamps could have Tony on the roster they would have done that.