Tony Simmons released

Well, it didn't come as a shock when I heard that Tony Simmons was released today, just a disapointment. With the flashes of speed and good hands we saw the last 2 years, I really thought this year was going to be his break out year as a receiver. He never looked real confident this season, he still has speed but his routes were not as crisp and his cuts wern't as sharp as they were before his injuries. Maybe his knees wern't 100% or maybe it was a mental thing due to his previous knee problems. I hope another team out there will give him a shot, I still think he has a year or two left in him. If any team picks him up my money would be on Hamilton who is in desperate need of good recievers, among other things like an o line.

Yes, I'm not surprised. Maybe he can go to Hamilton and Printers and him can re-connect.

I heard Merv Fernandez's son was just released yesterday by Seattle hmmmm......

It would have been nice to get Joe Fernandez up here and Wally did try, but he is returning to school, giving up on football and getting his law degree. I guess he figures lawyers make more than a CFL receiver.

You are probably right Dan.....Oh the memories, if Mervyn's kid had the same speed and hands of Dad...........

What are we toronto with all the gimmick players we BCers are wiser than that arent we?