Tony Simmons Released

The Lions have released Tony Simmons. Maybe the Cats should take a look?

I think he would be a good fit in Hamilton. He’s got great speed and good hands and a veteran presence in a fairly young locker room.

as much as I want to see Simmons in a ticat sweater I just dont wanna see it.

Too many recievers, wait for Talman Gardner to get healthy, I really like him & He'll evenually become Printers 'go to reciever' just wait. however if you bring in Simmons then that would pretty much put an end to JoJo Walker

No I think it will someone from Practice Roster.

Played with Printers in 2005.
Maybe Casey has an opinion on him?

We Will See.

If we get Simmons, will Geroy Simon be far behind?

Why was he release? To release some one this late in the season means that there is something wrong with the guy, maybe attitude. I say this because, why would you release some one when they will be on the payroll for the rest of the year anyways. Are they bringing in some one better?

This excerpt of an article by Lyndon Little in today's edition of the Vancouver Sun indicates that Tony Simmons has been hampered by injuries over the past three years:

"A former five-year NFL veteran with the New England Patriots, Simmons was in his third year with the club. However, his playing time had been limited to just 14 games, due mostly to a pair of serious injuries to his right knee.

Two years ago, in his inaugural CFL campaign, Simmons had 15 catches for 218 yards before tearing up his knee. In 2006, he got off to a great start with five catches for 110 yards in the opener against Saskatchewan at BC Place. However, the year lasted just two games before he reinjured the knee in the return contest in Regina.

This season, Simmons had eight catches for 118 yards and a pair of majors, but missed four of the team's 11 starts due to a plantar fasciitis condition in his foot."