Tony Simmonds out.....Big Trouble!

I see snow ball effect that spells trouble!

Our deep threat is gone for the season. Wally better find someone with speed, because with our non-existant running game, the defense will play a shorter zone. If the shorter zone is taken away, it may mean Dickenson has to hold onto the ball longer. Holding the ball longer means more hits on the QB.

I don't like what I'm seeing!

I know that this kind of injury is season ending, but after listening to Tony's interview on the TEAM 1040 this afternoon and hearing how positive this guy is and how hard he plans to work on his rehab;it wouldn't surprise me if he some how manages to come back this year. I know it's a long shot but he just so quick with excellent hands. He won't be replaced easily.

Josh Boden, why isn't he playing? I like Tony Simmons, he's really good but I don't think we should be worried that he's not playing. We have Josh Boden, Smith and Acree. They are very talented players, they should be able to step up as stars with the Leos!!!!

I don't know the exact rules but they wont play Josh Boden unless it's absolutely necessary. Josh is only 19 years old so he doesn't count against the roster. This way B.C. has one extra player on the practice roster, if he plays in regular season games then he will count against the roster and they will have to release someone else to make room for him. This is my understanding of the rules. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Fans worry too much. Unlike basketball, injuries are less important in football because of larger roster. Some positions are more easily replaced than others. Receivers are usually replaceable.

From my understanding, if they activate Josh, and then return him to the practice roster, he is open to being grabbed by someone else...but only if he goes on their active roster.

I think the issue has more to do with his college eligibility. IF he is activated he will not be able to play on a university team. So unless they really plan to use him, it might not be to his benifit.

One of my son's teammate's brother plays on the Rams and knows Josh well. The word I'm getting (granted it is 3rd hand) is that he wants to play pro ball and will do whatever it takes to get there.

Wally definitely has a conflict of interest being GM (worried about $) and head coach (needing to sign players). Look at the other teams during last year's season- many key players were picked up after the season had started. Wally needs to be willing to spend some money and get the personel he needs to fill these positions opened up by injuries. A good coach is willing to modify and adjust, not bury their head in the sand. Every year the same thing happens and is part of the reason the Lions don't finish the year strong. The Lions are a good team... but they need to fill some holes.