Tony Proudfoot on the Fan 590

For those that don't remember Tony, he played with the Alouettes in the 70's and for the last decade has been their radio colour commentator.

He's also in the phys-ed department at Dawson College in Montreal.

We did the interview this morning and it's pretty sobering stuff. Follow the link and go to "Hot Audio".


Tony Proudfoot, ah yes, there is a name I remember well from his playing days. May pass on going to the link, I’ve heard enough about the Dawson shootings already, a shame, a real shame that this kind of stuff happens in our country, or anywhere for that matter. One reason why we shouldn’t cut short funding for social programs in this country if these programs can reach out to troubled people like this guy.

Oh, boy. Of course, throwing money at the problem always fixes it.

Ockham wrote:

Oh, boy. Of course, throwing money at the problem always fixes it.
I didn't say throw money around needlessly there Ockham. Not at all. But there has to be enough money to have some sort of decent programs that are directed by qualified people and help identify potential problem kids. If this means a school board being able to hire a social worker, so be it. Are you saying no money for this sort of thing? I hope not otherwise you may as well go live elsewhere.


A former player saves a kid's life in a VERY selfless act and you guys start harping about social programs.

Thanks for putting everything back in perspective.

Mike, I didn't listen to the program (have to watch what I do on the net around where I am) and in no way am I trying to go away from this topic. Went on the web to read:

Tony Proudfoot, physical education teacher at Dawson and former Montreal Alouettes player, was on the phone with a colleague who alerted him of the shooting outside.

"I got up and looked out the window and I saw a man on the ground with a substantial amount of blood around his head," Proudfoot said.

He ran out to administer first aid to the victim and another bystander assisted him.

"We attended to him for a good 15 minutes. A police car pulled up in front of us to give us cover," he said.

Proudfoot said at least three people were shot outside before the gunman entered the building.

"One girl had been shot in the hip and hand, another person was apparently shot in the abdomen."

When paramedics arrived to take over treating the victim, he said the man had a pulse, was conscious but could not speak clearly.

"It seems really random because there are no gangs here and there’s no obvious tension in the school that could precipitate this."

Thanks Mike for this topic, excellent stuff there by a former CFL player for sure. :thup:

Typical. Just like Alex Baldwin was moving if Bush got elected.

Anyway, you can go live elsewhere North Korea, China, Cuba, any progressive dictatorship.

Sorry for throwing this off-topic Mike. He's a brave man and this was a horrible incident.

Mike, that was a fantastic interview. I just caught the end of the interview this morning on the radio and I am very thankfull that you posted the link on this forum.
Tony Proudfoot is, like you mentioned, a hero for saving that student's life. Keeping calm and going about what he had to do could not have been easy giving the circumstances.
Not only do I hope that Tony is recognized for his heoric actions but I pray that the student recovers.
Thanks again Mike for bringing this forward.

Ockham wrote:

Anyway, you can go live elsewhere North Korea, China, Cuba, any progressive dictatorship
Look, just agree with me that quality social programs are needed in Canada that don't break the country's budget. Agreed?

It’s another debate for another day. Mike’s right in smacking us around.

As for the recent tragedy at Dawson College, Mr. Proudfoot is to be commended for his brave and compassionate actions during a time of deep crisis.

By the way, Tony Proudfoot is also the author of First and Goal: The CFL and the Pursuit of Excellence, published in July, 2006. I have not yet read the book but heard a Ted Michaels interview with Tony Proudfoot on CHML radio around the time of the release of the book. He has interviewed many of the best coaches and players of the past and present CFL to ascertain the attributes necessary for a CFL player to achieve "greatness". The reviews have apparently been very good so far thus making it a must read for CFL fans.

Thanks TCTD for this info on the book, wasn't aware of this.
I agree Ockham.