Tony Miles

I Haven't yet made it to camp. How Tony Looking. How's his speed and is he going to be a 1000 yrd wr this year.

From everything I've read online, he is flying in camp. I am confident that Casey and Tony are going to stretch the opposing defences big time this year!

With a five-pack of upgraded receivers as one new base package of the offense, Tony should play a big factor in the team's improvement on the field.

Others can chime in with more detail re camp.

Oski Wee Wee,

I know that yesterday he caught a deep pass for a TD. Not sure who was covering as I wasn't there.

He has been Best WR in Camp IMO..

His health is the main concern. If he can stay healthy he will produce but that is a big IF.

Are you Miles' body? No.. so what do you know?

Only Miles knows what Miles is capable of this year.

Sorry Zensate Miles over past two season
Has had Injury Issues. Bet is Correct.
I Hope Tony Can Stay Healthy.
But this Season WR looks to have some Depth.

So may not Matter as Much

Thanks. Let Hope For many Deep Ball from Casey to Tony

What injury did Tony have last year, ONknight?

A hamstring strain? a pulled muscle?

Players playing speed and finesse positions.
like Tony, sit out when they have soft tissue injuries,
because they inhibit their performance too much.

These injuries aren't career-threatening,
they are part of the job for all players.

Linemen usually play with those kinds of injuries.

Now, if a player has a blown out ACL
or a severed Achille's Tendon,

his career in football is likely over.

but Pascal Cheron did play several games
late last year with a blown ACL


Pat Woodcock played last year
hampered by a nagging hamstring.

That's one reason why his receiving
statsistics were so low last year.

Speaking of often injured players, why is Hudson still a Ticat? He is another Cheron, missing way too much time in camp every year.

He is not injured.. he is ill.

Can someone tell me what time they will be on the field today ??

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Ty Zen

Tony's speed is absolutely amazing. I'd have to agree that he is the best receiver in camp which is exactly what I expected. I know he has had some injury issues, but when a guy goes up for the ball the way he does, that's bound to happen.

Bringing him here is my favourite move in a very long time.

Me too.

I'd take him over Flick or Armstead anyday. He's going to be a nice weapon for Casey, whom I bet is really happy to have him as a receiver on his offence.

Absolutely. I never got over us trading him in the first place. I always said I'd take a healthy Tony Miles over almost any other receiver in the league and I'd take an injured Tony Miles over most of them too. :wink:

To beat out Armstead's effort wouldnt take much, however to beat out Flick while he was still here is something completely different.

Forgetting about last years insult, Flick did nothing but sacrifice and MD rewarded him with a surprise trade out of Ham.

I haven't seen camp yet, but if Tony is really better than Flick then maybe there is a legit reason for optomism this season.

Once again, same here.

Dare I say that I secretly admired his play for the blue team? I'm excited to have him back.

Yeah, I'm a Flick fan too, and was disappointed in seeing him leavce here. I love how he plays the game. Tough,tough,tough! Imagine him playing here along side Tony Miles?

Don't get me started...

mightypope might say something about certain "dance" moves, but I certainly won't...