Tony Miles questionable for Edmonton game

From today's Spec:

"Receiver Tony Miles suffered a hamstring injury in Calgary and remains questionable for Friday night's contest"

This, I fear, will have no small impact. Keeping fingers crossed.

Why? Miles did pretty much zip in Calgary. I thought he was a deep threat? Miles only catches passes for about 10 yards nowadays.

I’d like to see Bauman, Woodcock, Mitchell and Rodriguez out there. And if Earnest Jackson can be found, put him in there, too.

Miles did nothing? since when is 8 catches for 94 yards nothing?

Tony is also very valuable even when not catching balls he keeps the opposition DBacks occupied, they know he can break one any time.

Oh man, what else...hopefully he'll be ok.

Time for someone else to STEP UP. Just like to two unknowns the Ar$#@ had in the lineup against the Eskimos on Sunday. Had a chance to play - and proved they belong in the lineup.........Yep that's correct STEP UP

I did notice Tony doing practice at half speed and no helmet today, doesn't bode well, I guess the other receivers will have to step it up if he is indeed out

Looks like it'll be Jojo's time to shine.

Go Jojo!