Tony Miles and Tom Canada..?

2 players that can help us..? What do you guys think? I remember when Miles was with Toronto he was a real Alouettes killer, and so was his partner in crime RJ Soward (what ever hapenned to him?) Tom Canada is Tom Canada a great physical player that can help any team.

Have you been working in Antartica for the last year ?

No not really…am I allowed to talk in here or what?

For sure ...I'm lousy at humor on internet apologies Mike.

Who would you sit to play Miles? Richardson? Cahoon? Watkins? Fourth spot has been mostly NI

Tom Canada. Has all kinds of question marks around him. There are rumours the Als are interested. Also his gf or someone close to him says that he is in fantastic shape????

Tony Miles, no. I think he's past his prime, and like HfcTC said, there isn't really a spot for him. Our receivers are stacked.

I was a fan of Tom Canada as a player, but lost a lot of respect for him last season. But, I believe our pass rush has really improved last season, we were close to the top in sacks throughout the season, and with Haywood returning, I don't really think Pass rush or rushing attack is the problem on Defense.

I wish the Als would sign Doug Berry as a Defensive coordinator. I might stand alone on that one...

Considering that I don't think Berry has ever been a defensive coordinator (he was an offensive coordinator with us in years gone by), I suspect that you ARE probably alone on that one!

Both players are injury-prone and washed up. And we are already well-stocked at import receiver and defensive lineman.

Berry couldn't come to an agreement ,with the Bombers, on the salary that was due him, for the last year of his contract....hence the esks. wouldn't/couldn't sign him..He wanted his cake and eat it too....Bombers said no-dice...That would be a nice gig...collect two full salaries ....He could've accepted the esks. position and re-worked his old contract but refused...I don't think Berry wants to work all that bad...but then ,if you can sit home and collect a cheque...what the heh... :lol: He'll probably resurface next year somewhere?????? :wink: far as d coordinator, he wasn't,,....he was involved mostly with the offence and didn't show us much imagination in that least in 08... :roll:

BTW Marcel Desjardins told Herb that the Als have Zero interest in Tom Canada...( Maybe he burned his bridges last year???)