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Can anyone help me...

I had never heard of Tony Champion before this past weekend when a friend made a great catch when we were playing some football and he kept going on and on about him. 2 google searches later, it appears he made one of the greatest catches in football history. does anyone have this video?
I tried youtube and google videos but nothing came back. I have to see this cause it sounds insane.

thanks for your help

That would be The 1989 Grey Cup

Don't see the video online (quick search) but here is a link Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos with a pic. (Google "Tony Champion" 1989 +catch for details .. mabye you'll find a vid I missed.)

One of the best if not the best recievers we ever had. Him and Earl and Rocky were deadly!! I remember watching that catch, What a game!

Here is a pic of the catch and yes it was the greatest catch considering it was 3rd down and they needed a TD to tie the game up. And above all Tony had broken ribs.

I get the chills and goose bumps everytime I see that highlight.

Greatest catch I've ever seen bar none when you consider the athleticism of the catch and the circumstance of not only a football game, but a Grey Cup game.


This was the greatest Grey Cup games ever played. Not only for the catch by Champion, But I do re-call Earl playing DB for a few plays because we were running short due to injuries. This was Tiger-Cats football. A battle until the very end only to be heart broken at the final outcome. The game still gives me goosebumps when I watch it.


This Sunday 12:00 Noon ESPN Classics Grey Cup Revisited: 1989 - Saskatchewan vs. Hamilton

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Here you go I Just Finishing Converting it to PC Video.

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Greatest Catch In Grey Cup History IMO


Thanks, I really enjoyed that.

We need somthing to Enjoy Cause where not Lighting it up this year...

Glad I could help

question, why did not both winfield and tony start that game. It appears that winfield may have been designated import for that game? Why would that be?

P.S. Ham would have won if Shields had not hurt his ankle. Then again, many losing teams can make the same excuse I guess. Still, It should have been ticats game. Credit Austin for taking good advantage of the situation.

They didn't have a Canadian who they felt could adequately start at any other position.

Agree about Shields.

Lance Shields, a great DB who never got his just due.

lance shields was a great defensive back from buffalo (the city, not the team) who commuted across the border each day to play football for the tiger-cats. after he was a star here for several years buffalo (the team) tried to sign him away. he said no, he'd rather play in the cfl.
after he got hurt, al bruno put in donohue grant, a canadian backup, in at defensive back. he got turned every which way, which is why bruno put in winfield at db. the reason given was that winfield was a better athlete. (duh! winfield was the best athlete!) i believe for a portion of the game, winfield went both ways.
and yes, that was the best catch i've ever seen. and it was — despite the loss — the best grey cup game ever.

But why winfield as DI. He shoulda been a starter with someone else as DI??? I know at one point they did have the both of them on at the same time, then they took someone else out because of that and then had to put Knight in. Seems to me, thats the way they should have went in the first place???

They mentioned winfield having a sore shoulder. Wonder if that was a factor?? Was he just coming off injury??

Winfield went in at DB for a couple of series just before half time, Lance Shields and another DB were injured and Earl had to fill in. I don't think the Sasketchewan QB threw very many passes Earl's way while he was in.

The Champion catch was one of the greatest ever. The ball was lobbed over his head, and he had to dive backwards, full length to catch it on his fingertips about 2ft above the ground. A great catch made so much greater by the game situation (3rd and goal, needing a TD to tie with about 1 minute to go), and the fact that he had broken some of his ribs earlier in the game.

The CFL Hall of Fame sells videos which show highlights of each season, play-offs and Grey Cup. The 1989 version is well worth buying (if they have any left)

Yes we do have a few 1989 videos left, they sell for 19.95.

Also, take notice of how Kerrigan released the pass before Tony made his move.

Winfield was DI because beyond Wally Zatylny, there were no other Canadians capable of starting, and they played the same position.
I think when Winfield came in, the import they took out was slotback Richard Estelle.
I suppose they could have started Winfield and made Estelle the DI.