Tony Akins

I think the Ti-Cats should give Tony Akins another look because he has his heart in the game now, and to prove it, here is an article I came by from googling stuff, very interesting.

Hamilton may have ended [Tony Akins]' playing streak that day but the 27- year-old Starkville, Mississippi resident's desire to resume his career continues to burn bright.

It's the reason Akins left wife, Tonia, and his three young children back home to come to Hamilton to take part in some off- season training with pal and former Ticat teammate Archie Amerson.

Photo: Tony Akins, left, says he is determined to continue pursuing his dream. Of being dropped last summer, he said, 'I think they wanted some new faces.'; Photo: Hamilton Spectator File Photo / Akin

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Except for one thing...Akins couldn't catch a cold. He had to have naked pictures of somebody to stay around as long as he did.

Makes me wonder about someone else now too :?

That article was written in February, 2005.

Your point?? It still doesn't change the fact he has the desire to play.

I have the desire to play too, doesn't mean they're going to sign me :wink:

Are you sure you just dont want to pat the other players on the butt bg ? :lol:

Play what, bg?

Good Lord some of you boys are relentless aren't you?? Get your mind out of the gutter. I'd make a great QB. I throw passes ALL the time :wink:


Do they get intercepted, or do they make it to the desired reciever?

There really is NO good way to answer that, but I guess I'd say my completion percentage is around 75% (I won't give you number of attempt though lol)

Completion percentage is only part of the story. How many yards? More importantly, how many TDs?? 8)

Et tu Ty?? :lol: That is top secret :wink:

Doesn't your agent know the value of promoting your stats? :slight_smile:

I represent myself. I don't believe in agents. :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently only "Undercover Agents" :oops:

My point is, a year and a half later he may not have that desire anymore. You think he spent all this time away from his wife and kids?