Tonight's weather, looking good?

Looks like we (ok everyone in Hamilton) dodged another bullet from last night's forecast predicting rain to tonight's simply cloudy:

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While I'm stuck here in North Carolina, I do have an (illegal*) Canadian satellite dish, and better weather does make for a better TV broadcast. :wink:

Oskee Wee Wee.

ps. My dish is a fully paid up Bell Satellite service, but it is nonetheless illegal under CRTC (Canadian regulator) and FTC (US regulator) rules to watch satellite TV from the US in Canada, and vice versa - one of those very dumb rules I'm happy to bend, as it is designed to protect the interests of advertisers over the interests of the consumers of those services.

Weather sounding better, that's excellent, need my "fix" and get into IW and watch some TiCat football.

Speaking about dumb rules, I wish publishers would stop using the Digital Rights Management encryption on publications, pain in the you know what. I can appreciate copyright and that but it's fairly easy to strip the DRM out anyways with free programs on the web and I don't feel bad about doing this but sort of illegal. It's the only way I can convert the publication to pdf so I can read it on my mobile Playbook. But I can also appreciate Kobo and the app for the PB. Complicated thing I guess. :?

DRM, (Digital Rights Management) or the code that makes some books only available to customers who purchase the book, is a necessary evil.

For many books it is unnecessary and gets in the way of building an audience for your stories. But for other types of content it is absolutely necessary if the author and/or publisher is going to earn enough money to justify the cost of creating the textbook, or training manual.

It is a complicated topic that we can take off-line by PM if you like.

Cheers, Bob.

Yes, I understand Bob. I hope RIM is able to work with Adobe and have an Adobe Digital Editions app so that I can at least use the PB to read e-books checked out through Hamilton Public Library without having to strip DRM and convert to pdf which isn't as nice to read. But maybe Kobo has a say in this since they have an app on the PB? :?

To me the most vile thing about Bill C-32 and it's American cousin (the DMCA), is that they make the very act of circumventing DRM illegal, regardless of whether it is being circumvented for a lawful purpose. Even if the purpose of the circumvention is lawful (i.e. circumventing DRM to gain access to content that the law says I DO have the right to access), Bill C-32 would make otherwise legal accessing of content suddenly illegal if I need to circumvent DRM to access the content. The language of Bill C-32 basically says "even though consumers have certain rights, we will allow firms to use technology to prevent consumers from exercising their rights. Further, we will make criminals of consumers who use technology even merely to exercise the rights we acknowledge they have".

But yes, a complicated topic. :wink: Unfortunately, not all of us have enough confidence in our legal representation to flout laws or FCC/CRTC regulations we find inconvenient. :twisted: Even more unfortunate, we can't count on on our fellow voters to understand or care about the truth behind these issues. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lively game tonight though. :wink:

you guys lost me at "App" :roll:

At least you could watch the game, I tried to go on the Channel here in Europe and it says that is illegal.
So I can't watch any games on the internet. Just have to listen on the internet but with the game starting at 1am and finishing at 4 am, not ideal.