Tonights posotives

Im going to say the linebacking corp did excellent. the defensive line did an incredible job! the offensive line played extremly well. kicking game looked bright. Maas looked like the Maas we want. Lumsden looks like he finally found how to play the tackles.

We played the whole 60 minutes which was great. We fought them right to the end, even forcing a fumble with just a minute left while we were down 10 pts. We fought the best team in the league right to the end and you can't ask for much more. That was the type of showing I was expecting from the team this year. And man, did Lumsden ever look good out there.

A very encouraging effort all around. We still have a few discipline issues but its getting better. If we can ever get the offence to stretch the defence it appears we have a lot more talent than some here have suggested and we could finally start to see some big scores.