Tonight's Geme

Boy ,

I would have really liked to have seen # 97 Bruce Davis in the lineup . I am not sure if he is really injured or if it is anything more than a game to game thing but he was a major factor in our improved pass rush . Peguesse # 95 was also a huge factor and thank god he is playing . #99 T . Davis really helped in the middle too .

#30 Brock Campbell had a great game . I'd still prefer Markieth but this might give us more options . one thing about injuries is it gives players a chance to show what they have

I noticed also that Rutley has shown a bit more too as has OLINEMAN HUSBAND and Ballargeon

Rwabukamba has looked good at corner and with Hinds and Bucknor , Beswick we have 4 non import guys that can start

WEBB AND MURILLO have also looked better

the addition of Colclough may be good as well ...

I have not been too impressed with Graham

i think with everone healthy in the backfield i see it like this :

CB Rwabukamba / Hinds

Dline I SEE


This defence is looking better as we bring in more telent and the current guys step up to keep their jobs .

Jamal looked like the old jamal last week
peach was pumped too and Mcelveen has been a fighter

similar sentiments here gerbear, although would prefer Tisdale to be backup corner with either Hinds or Rwabukamba taking his spot.

We will win or lose solely on what approach Creehan takes with the defence. It seems he prefers the style of the first 9 games or so, which produced poor results. The change of approach (becoming aggressive) as in the Edmonton game works, but Creehan has denied he changed anything when the world can see and players acknowledge, that they were allowed to be aggressive and that made all the diffeence in the world.

Watching the coaching dynamics on the sideline of the Esks game, including a few discussions (one-way I might add) between Cortez and Creehan, I am of the opinion that Cortez has laid down the line for Creehan and what he wants the defence to do and play like, regardless of what Creehan wants.

Given that this approach was successful, I expect more of the same. If however, Creehan reverts to the old stuff, and we lose, then I give up.

Disagree. With this poor Winnipeg team, I think the game's outcome will be determined by player execution.

i think people are over rating CREEHAN'S change of approach last game

I think =97 Davis and Peguesse came in and got pressure on the QB almost every down so this allowed the defence to blitz more as the QB knew he only had 3 - 5 seconds anyway so might as well send an extrea guy to get the sack if nobody is open immediately ..Also T davis provided great run defence ..

Alli in all the pass rush gave the db's more confidence to play tight and take risks and hence the Webb interception

I hope B. Davis not being in doesn't take too much away from the pass rush .I expect the pass rush to be not as good without him but i do expect Jamal and Campbell and Rey to be blitzing alot so Pearce will get hit alot

I just hope the keep the penalties down and do not tackle below the knees or after the ball is thrown

I hope PEACH , Mcelveen and BORDEAUX play like they are fighting for their job because well they are ...

This / ...and, I don't think a blitz package will work if the other team's 0-line is handling the defencive front four. With the new blood up front, the Cats were able to (safely) utilize the blitz more often and to better effect.

Again, I have to say that Creehan's system was never the problem. The problem was one of personelle.

I agree entirely Billy Dee :slight_smile:

Tonight we will see how good the rush is without #97 Bruce Davis . I hope it is good .
WPG has a pretty good looking RB in Stewart but they are weak at receiver ( in my opinion ) and weak at DLINE and linebacker . They have a VERY good defensive backfield however.

Buck Pearce is a warrior ..Let's see what he has tonight with #95 Peguesse all over him and Jamal and Rey blitzing

Player execution? If they don't play well, I'm all in favour of that. :wink:

Gotta disagree with your "weak at receiver" comment. I expect Mathews and Edwards to be major challenges for our DBs. If they're kept under 180 yds., combined, I believe the Cats will win.

This game will be a statement game for the Cats: last week’s game,despite its great outcome,still showed some weaknesses in the Cats defence (poor tackles, TD that was called back) This week’s game will tell where the team is really at.

Compared to the rest of the league :

I would sat that WPG's receivers rank on the bottom

Yes :

Mathews and Edwards are decent but overall as a group they are worst :

Even the ARGOS receiving corp with RAMBO , Mann, Durie, Owens , Inman ,

Winnipeg's problems are at QB and OC, not receiver.

X2, except that Cory Watson has had the dropsies recently.

Fair enough, but Edwards and Matthews are still legitimate threats.

Buck Pierce is statistically a piss poor QB, his winning record in a by product of a lucky 7 and 1 start last year and quite a few bed crappers by the opposition of the Bummers end of last season and beginning this one... including 3 by the Cats!

Guess you better rethink all these posts
Pierce a poor qb? Insert BUrris
Winnipeg poor receivers. Insert Hamilton
Winnipeg poor coaching. Insert Hamilton

Question remains where do you go from here when head office doesn't have the self respect to resign

8) Well judging by tonights game, Winnipeg's receivers are a lot better than Hamiltons are !!!