tonight's game

Any predictions?

I don't feel too good about playing without most of our starting receiver's besides all the other injuries, if we win it'll take some points off turnovers I think.

Here's what the O-Line will look like for tonights game;
[D. Tyler; Left Tackle] - [P. Kabongo; Left Gaurd] - [K. Koch/A.Fiacconi; at Centre]....Fiacconi nursing a sore shoulder.
[G. Wojt; Right Gaurd] - [B. Ramsey; Right Tackle] - New addy Chris Patrick backs up Ramsey.
Glad to hear Wojt's knee isn't that serious as was first thought... although?

I don't care how we win, I just want to go into the bye week with a W. The back-ups and new guys need to rally and step up!

Not feeling too good about going to tonights game, 4 starting Recs down, and our offense sucked with Barnes and Henry in the lineup... I always wanted the Eskimos to get Prechae Rodriguez since he came into the league, so hopefully he will perform well, and idk what to expect from Dobbins (cut off from a crap shoot of a team in the Lions) and Grice-Mullen.

Itll be up to the No Name Defense to force turnovers and hold the Lions to 20 points or less for us to have a decent shot at winning this game...

I hate messy ugly games, so im in for it tonight hahaha :wink:

Riders...all by our selves in the basement. Does not look like the esks are gunna help us here...27-1.

Hey Esks, sucks not having your top 3 receivers huh...Rider Nation feels yah! Hard any team. They will look great again once a few bodies get healthy. no worries.

Tillman could hand Prinsen his walking papers and I wouldn't care. I'd also start cutting guys on the O-line. This group is a joke. These guys couldn't protect the QB against a stiff breeze.

I'd also take a look at Crandell. We haven't a single receiver left on the roster so let's completely abandon the run. I'd say Kavis needs to have a serious chat with him.

Was hoping for an Edmonton win to help us out. Tough losing that many players but Riders were there last year and the year before. You wont get any sympathy. Blowouts make for boring games... 1 point, wow.

Now hoping both Edmonton and BC go on a losing streak. And TO too.

I left at the beginning of the 4th Quarter. Ive never been so livid at a game before, disgusting. My highschool football team woulda kicked the shit outta the Esks today as well. Disgusting performance. O-line was a joke, we looked 10x worse than the Eskimos of last year, and all the years since 2006. Ray was garbage throwing 2 INTs on his dime and his oline was bad enough to force another. Defense played okay considering the offense gave the ball in their own end numerous times. Why dont we start the same O-line we had week 1, 2, 3, and 4? They could at least give 3 seconds in the pocket for Ray...

The O-line has been subpar all season. It's just getting worse each week.

But I think they need to leave the current group together for a few games. If you keep tinkering with the O-line, they'll never get the cohesion necessary to function as a unit. Obviously jettisoning Washburn did nothing for the line. A half-decent running game would also be a tremendous help. With the talent Edmonton has in the backfield, there's absolutely no reason not to be taking some pressure off the line by pounding the ball on the ground.

Edmonton fans, please help me out.

I know the Eskies are hurting with several of the premier receivers down with injuries but what happened to Edmonton's O-Line protection? The Lions were nailing the QB with impunity. Are there significant injuries on the O-line as well?

With the regular receivers back in the line-up and a decent run game this would have made the score closer I'm sure but it doesn't account for the way B.C.'s D-line were getting through. Also, a number of games back, Ricky Ray demolished the Lions D-Line with his own running. The Lions shut that option down quite nicely.

I believe there is one or two injuries along the line, but I've been saying since Week 1 that this group is average at best. They started out not giving up a lot of sacks, but there was still far too much pressure on Ray. The only reason no one was discussing the line was because Ray was getting rid of the ball quickly. With so many injured receivers, Ray can't get rid of the ball as quickly, and we're starting to see just how bad this group is.

That is an interesting comment Chief. I'm wondering if that made the difference with the Lions scoring 36 points. The Lions O-Line is as porous as a cheese grater but maybe Lulay was getting rid of the ball more quickly and/or the )-Line stepped up its level of play. We'll know when we meet Winnipeg again, a team that leads the league in sacks.

To be honest I was shocked to see the Lions with so many sacks and Ricky Ray must have been wondering what was going on too.

Since Edmonton came out of the gate at 5-0 and whooped B.C. in the first meeting I thought the Esks had the Lions number but I guess time will tell. They meet several more times before the season is over and I'm sure the Esks prime receivers will be back on line.

By the way, what took Fred Stamps out and when is he do back? Do you know?

He had an internal bleeding issue during the Winnipeg game. He had to go in for surgery afterward. I'm not completely sure when he's expected back, but I think it's within the next few weeks.

After he was checked out, they were think 4 - 6 weeks, so at best he'll be back in 2 weeks now, along with Bowman and Henry i beleive in time for our next game after this Bye Week.

The injury happened on the first set of downs; an inadvertent kick to the groin area ( no intent to injure ) by Lobendahn. As the game progressed his health got worse.
Return dates: maybe Sept.9th at Commonwealth vs Calgary. But my guess is the following game Sept.16th at Hamilton.