Tonight's Game

It was a BIG improvement tonight. Hamilton was well prepared. Right off the start, they exploited the Lion's biggest weakness - Travis Williams, and took him apart. It remains their biggest weakness. It was good to see Cory and Jamal step it up. Their receivers looked real good as well. All in all, I thought the Lions had a good last three quarters. Somehow they they need to get their head in the game in the first quarter. Too enamoured with Gene Simmons on the sidelines (or Shannon Tweed). Their tackle attempts looked like their gloves were covered with vaseline. What a great turnout of fans - a sellout. Hey, with 3 straight losses, that's great to see. Way to go Vancouver!!

Errrrrrrr......I have to agree, that the game was Entertaining.
But have to disagree, that the game was a "Sell Out"!
There were a lot of empty seats, in the various sections of the Top End seats, and of course, the end zones always have ample seats available.
So those comments of yours, make me ask you, what game were you looking at?
Having corrected that statement of yours, I would have to agree, that the game itself....was Highly Entertaining, and worth the price of admission.
Aside from the Lions getting Burned right off the bat, they some how managed to come back, when even I we go again!
Yes, we all want the Lions to Win.
Yes, the Lions are having trouble doing that in our first 4 games, but....aside from the Calgary game, we could very well be 3 - 1 instead of 0-4.
We go to games, to watch a Good Game and to be Entertained....and the games at Empire, that we have watched this year...have all been very entertaining.
So if makes us Laugh, when we see all of these "Football Experts" out there, who have never played at a competitive level themselves, bashing the Lions Coaching Staff! lol
Do changes have to be made?
Of course they do.
But unfortunately and apparently , really Good Offensive Lineman and reallly Good Safeties are really hard to come by.
So guys, lighten up on Wally and his coaching staff.
I'm sure that they feel Sicker about their present record, than we all do!

I know what you mean Pastasteev and I know you were watching the same game everyone else was watching except one or two short of a brick for a full load. I don't think it is too often we see Simmons at too many Lions home games so you must have been in the same stadium the rest of us were in! It's not rocket science to wonder which game you were attending.

Sell out capacity is 27,432 according to Dennis Skulsky, Lions President. According to the Lions website there were 24,117 in "attendance". That's pretty darn good and I know you were probably using the phrase loosely to make that point. But it may well have been a sell out. It just means that 24, 117 were in attendance. In other words, many may have had tickets but couldn't or chose not to go to the game. Every Canucks game is reported as a "sell out" but when the camera pans the arena you see empty seats all over the place. Those seats were sold they just weren't occupied.

But a crowd of 24,000 in attendance is as good as a sell out in my books Pastasteev, especially having suffered 3 straight losses as you say. So, I'm with you all the way on that. Glad you enjoyed being at the game.