Tonights Game

I Am Hoping for close game from us.
But Feeling your Lions will Blow us out..

BC is The top Team in CFL
Hamilton is Dead last for a Reason Rookies alot of Rookies.

Enjoy the game tonight

I am going have a beer or two or three and Try and do the same.

Well we can't take ANY team too lightly in the CFL. Tigercats are hungry for a win. We are missing Dickenson (Although I am confident about Pierce) and Otis Floyd.

Looking forward to tonight!

Well Thanks to our Coaches and the Refs.
You won..
But this win was Costly for you.
Our Defence beat your guys up.
We played better then I thought we would.
But You still got the win..
See you back at IWS later this season.

Yes, we got a gift on that Pass Interference in the End zone. I am curious about your coaching comment. Other than the Two point try at the end of the game (which confused our section) what other issues did you not like about your coaches?

They way are Defence was playing
They Way Nick was kicking
I would have not give up the 4 Points.

Looking forward to see you all back in our Yard..

Does anyone know the extent of Joe Smith's injury?