Tonights game thoughts.

I think it was dumb to keep Miles out, and let crawford or whatever in, he didn't play that hot.. that one TD, number 21 moved over to help crawford, if miles was in, that wouldn't happen... and miles seemed fine enough to play afterwards. This was a very important game.. and they keep him out? and the presedure calls against us? but yet.. it was really loud, they had to hold hands, ahahaha... but, bc had a killer effort.

number 21 as in Phillips..

printers was good simon was great...the d came up big when they had too...until the end...and printers gave the game away. shoulda been PI in the end zone...if that call is made than bc wins having the ball on the 1 with first down either way a great game with another exciting finish...i was hoping the lions would take it i hate being tied with ssk

yes, it was PI! 1 yard line, 2-3 trys if they go for it, we woulda won.

If the Lions play no worse than tonight, they will only be better. We will be in good shape