Tonights game on T.V. ?

I know its only pre-season, and this may seem like a dumb question to some, just wondering if tonights game will be televised, and what channel if so ?

No, it's not.

its not on tv but it is on 900 chml


In colour! :roll:

haha, hey if u have starchoice, u mighr wanna try chanells between 400 - 402 last year i turned on games that wernt televised n i got to watch the games.. weird yes.. true.. yes ?? honestly lol.. i havnt checked yet but im going to.

What? Why not? Oh, I see, another addition of TSN That's Hockey. There's probably another couple hours of professional poker following. What the f are they thinking?

does anyone know, if it is?? :oops:

nope all i have is mountaincable, lol i was hoping it might be on channel 14

dont think so, i feel old listening to it on the radio :lol:

Thanks guys. I actually just came on to start a forum asking if the game was on radio anywhere.

Thank you Mr. Internet for having internet radio!

Your friend in Windsor.

i to was trying to get a live feed over
the internet but to no avail

oskee wee wee :lol: :lol:

there were no untelvised games last year.