Tonights Game (Mon at Tor)

Anyone care to speculate on tonights attendance? This is the first of 2 key games against Montreal so the crowd should be a good one.
My guess will be 35,000. After all at the very least the right to host a playoff game is on the line here.

I hope it is a good crowd my guess this could be Jim Popps last kick at employment. But I must admit I am not always right. Maybe one our Als fans can fill us in on the pressure Mr. Popp is enduring.

Agreed redwhite05. I thought Danny Boy in Edmonton would be kicking stones by now! Maybe Ray getting injured as unfortunate as that was probably saved his butt!!

Your right scotsman Danny got a reprieve when Ray went down. Nice excuse if you ask me. Did he pay off the other team? Anyway I feel for those loyal eskimo fans because now Danny is safe. Noramlly I would be pulling for the Als but tonight those ARgos have impressed me so GOOOOOOO ARGOOOOOOOOS!

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Toronto look good for sure! For sure second place for the Argos. I'am not to sure about first. But Winnipeg have to start picking it up or they'll have a hard time later on. So called 2nd rate QB's like Sankey always give Winnipeg problems that's why I'am leaning towards Calgary on sunday.

Actual announced attendance for the game was 31K and change.

There has been complaints to the media from the players and the closest thing to pressure he has gotten is that Larry Smith has said that at the end of the season everyone's performance, including Popp's, will be evaluated. That is all we are getting but the fan appreciation day is where the fans ironically will get ot really show how they feel about Popp. Fan appreciation day is their last regular season home game and is played in the 60 000 seat olympic stadium and they traditionally get 50 000+ to those games. Expect to see around 30-35 000 tops this year because of how poorly the als have played even when they won. This game is also what the wettenhalls use to break even so you can imagine how thrilled they will be when the game doesnt hit 40 000 fans.

Right now the als sellout streak is fictious. The streak only exists because there is such a large percentage of the seats given to season ticket holders so the tickets are considered sold regardless of whether or not someone actually sits in the seats. The last few times ive been to molson stadium Ive seen a goodly amount of empty seats but they announced a sellout crowd regardless.

There are a lot of fans at this point that are willing to turn in their season tickets if Popp and Bellefieulle are not fired this offseason and a PROPER interview process is held to find their replacements and the jury is still out on how people feel about Larry Smith but if the fans have to endure another year of Popp and Bellefieulle then Wettenhall will be the only remnant of the teams management from this year

You guys are the toughest fans Ive ever heard of.

i was at the game last nite, and i thought it LOOKED like 34,000 ( it was announced 31K )...both the 100 and 200 levels were pretty packed, and there was a good group in the 500's as well.

good game and im glad i went...montreal took the early lead and looked like they were gonna run away with it, but had too many turn overs in the red zone and the argos capitalized...

next weeks rematch should be a good one.

Not bad for TO.

Some are Bobby...for certain. Me? Well, I am one Als fan who still cheers the team on even when they aren't winning 12+ games a year and going to the Grey Cup. Seriously, expectations are unbelieveably high in Montreal. The Als are 7 and 8 (probably still going to make it to the playoffs). I hate to think what kind of posts I will see if the Als go 2 - 16 for a couple of seasons.

We definitely need a new coach. If Popp is forced to step down at the end of the season, he may decide to quit his GM job as well. Say...when is Wally's contract up? We could sure use a him back in his hometown. :wink:

I imagine Popp will review his own performance as coach, along with the ownership and management group, and maybe he'll fire himself.
But dumping Popp as GM would be a huge mistake for the Als franchise as under his regime they have the best record in the league during that period and have been to several Grey Cups with one victory.

I agree. I believe that the top brass with even ask that he stay on as GM. I am just wondering if Popp's ego will allow him to stay with the organization. I honestly hopes he does.

lol I was at the game and the attendence was 31000+.

Anyone watching TSN yesterday see me and my friends on TV standing on our chairs singing "hey hey hey goodbye and dancing"?

Ego can always become an issue.
And sometimes, it is just time for a guy to move on.
But calling for Jim Popp's head, as a few seem to be doing is a tad over the top.
Frankly, I don't think the guy is doing a horrible job as coach. Montreal is about where I expected them to be this year.
It is just tough to compare to a legend like Matthews.
And it isn't impossible that was his plan--in part.
I think he realized that this year was going to be a transition year, so he took it on his shoulders.
Now if he steps down as coach and hires a new guy, the pressure on that new guy will be less because the comparison will be to him, not Matthews.

Or it was all ego.......

And this from the guy that has Roy Shivers and Danny Barrett posters plastered all over his house.

If I had any idea of your point, or its relevence to the discussion, I'm sure I could rattle on for 3 or 4 hundred words.
Unfortunately, I don't.