!Tonights game means NOTHING!

All I have to say is look at our record in last years preseason 2-0. Enough said. These games are meaningless games in which veterens pace themselves and just go through the motions, coaches hold back and keep things simple and the coaches don't even really have a real game plan on attacking the other team, they're more concerned about seeing how those on the bubble guys perform.

So don't get too high if we win like last year when everyone thought we were heading to the Grey cup, then we lost the first game and it became like WW2 on here and same goes for if we lose, don't go and act like we're doomed and have to replace half the roster.

We've already replaced half the roster haven't we Drex? :wink:
I agree though, preseason in any sport doesn't mean a whole bunch.

It will be the most meaningful meaningless game Charlie will ever coach and Ticat players will ever play.

Call it a baby step, but I am sick of the crawling we've done since 1-17. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

The final score is meaningless, but to the players trying to make an impression this game is everything.

I agree that the score means nothing, but I think if our receivers don't catch a few balls (like in the black and gold scrimage), as soon as another team cuts a "name" receiver," he'll be signed by Desjardins.

Last year definitely taught me to think NOTHING of the preseason.

Its too bad these games aren't on TV. I trust CHML will do a great job but you can really judge players unless you see how they contribute to the play when they aren't neccessarily the ball carrier or tackler.

I would not say tonight's game means.....nothing.
How the future line-up's on Offence and Defence is set for the balance of the season....in regards to starters...the away and home games against the Bombers means....everything.
As far as winning or losing the next two games....on that point you are right.....they mean nothing.
It would be nice to see the Cats....crush them.
Preseason or not. :thup: :thup:

Dont forget, ladies and gentlemen (Im giving you the benefit of the doubt here... lol) that this is Rick Zamperin`s first foray into the jungle of play-by-play announcing.

On another note, CHML reports that Shaun King will be the starting QB tonight.


Exhibition is just that, but hey I am just thrilled that football is back! Woohoo!

Every game the Ticats play means something. It doesn’t mean anything in the standings, but I have to agree with oski-oui-oui. This is our first chance to see if the moves they made even look like they were the right ones. It means a lot to all the guys stepping foot ont he field. I can’t wait.

The score will mean nothing but the opportunity for the players to show their stuff and implement the new play book against a real opponent means alot. No injuries!

I think that Drexl is just trying to instill a sense of conservative optimism, and I agree. After last year’s performance I’m not going to be satisfied until we soundly win four games without first losing 14.

Last year, we had all the world's idiots for a coaching staff. This year this team is legit.


it means nothing to the fans (ie dont go shooting your mouth off across the CFL forums for every other team)

it means everything for the players who might not get a second chance.

its not a makebeleive game folks watch for execution, but not neccessarily the score

Of course the actual score or who won means zip but it is a very important game by which to judge players both for the coaches and the fans. Even if they'd lost but Chang still had the same game, it would be great to know that the Cats had found at least one strong QB for 2007.

An Argo-Cat fan

Preseason games help clubs financially. Mediocre teams need to perform well early to impress local fans or improve revenue.

So, Drexl, you will concede that the coaches' seeing
how the bubble guys perform is important.

For a minute there I thought the game
may have been a waste of time. :? :slight_smile:


I get your point

Everybody should cool their jets
and not get all dreamy-eyed like last year.

The Preseasons Games are Meaningless?
I don't think so
Neither would players fighting for a Job
Or the coaches teaching them

Sure it don't count in the Standings
It dose Counts where should it the Heart of Every Player on that Field in Winnipeg last night
It is teaching our Players to Trust Each other
This is a Team game after all
It also helps our players Trust the coaches they work for.

Games like this Build Comradely In Teams

The most important aspect of tonight: a lot of tape to make hard decisions by.

Next: a tone has been set.

And we won. It was a scrap and the team emerged victorious. Cautious optimism is in until next game. Can the starters elevate their game?

Oski Wee Wee,