Tonights complaints

The Ticats could have played better....nah just kidding. I have no complaints about the team or the game itself. It's two things about TSN.

  1. A minor complaint...the film clip that they play of Kevin Glenn where he does the swami move with his hands and then the finger on his head and pirouette move.....GAD!! It is sooo stupid looking. Kevin!!! What the hell were you thinking? Please change it.

  2. A less than minor complaint....Jock (I love the Alouettes) Climie. To paraphrase someone's favourite phrase from this forum..."He's a pantload". The guy is such a homer that it's ridiculous. At half time with the Cats in command of the game...Shultz and Dunigan both praise the Ticats defense and offense. And rightly so...they were on fire. But not Jock....he's in love with Chip Cox. Then proceeds to show the only clip of him in the first half...WHERE HE IS PENALIZED FOR PASS INTERFERENCE.

Then at the end of the acknowledgement that the Ticats played well. Nah...he pulls the "Als weren't really interested in this game" type of attitude. Again...what a homer....what a pantload.....what a maroon.

If they were not interested in the game why did they go for a first down on third down 3 different times??
For what I saw the cats did exactly what Montreal has been doing to Hamilton the past two yrs. They out played their opponent hands down! When was the last time Montreal was held to 3 points in a game? When was the last time Calvillo was pulled in a game??
To me Stevie Baggs gets a lot of credit for the new intensity on this team.
Go Cats Go!!!!

Couldn't agree more. Those spots are really lame. I understand TSN wanting to put up a graphic showing a player's stats, and having his picture with it would be just fine thank you very much. . . but to make each player stand there like a goof and mug for the camera for 10 or 15 seconds is just plain silly.

Dr., to answer your question, Calvillo was pulled from a the game against Calgary three weeks ago. But I get your point, Calvillo does not get yanked often. And even in the Stamps game, it came much later than with 5 minutes left in the THIRD quarter.

I'm with the OP on Climie. The guy might as well work for the Als with the way he slurps them. I also think he has a tremendous hate for Hamilton and the Tiger-Cats. He has said in the past that the two worst moments of his career were the back-to-back losses in the East Final to Hamilton in 1998 and 1999. I understand his job is to be objective, but he's not really good at his job (of course, as we all know, the TSN gig is his second job, as he's so fond of telling us), so it doesn't surprise me that even after all these years he hasn't figured that part out. But let him hate. It'll only make it sweeter when the Cats take out the Als again.

:thup: :thup:

The biggest joke about Montreal Jock (and there are many) is that I heard him mentioning that he is a lawyer (as if that were something to be proud of). :wink:

The only thing bad about last night's game was that it had to end.

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,


Yup, I have to agree about Jock what you are saying. Hey Cox is a great player but at least acknowledge the Cats and their high level of play in this game. That's fine, we'll see how this all works out, I think the Als can be beat this year. :thup:

You right From the CF-18 "Lighting the candle" in the night sky to the best played game at home in years, all you Couch Potatoes out there missed a better game then Labor day! :thup: :rockin:

My complaint is anybody complaining about last night!

Well, the concession prices are too high. :lol: (Anyone who listened to the Fifth Quarter will get this joke.)

Not a complaint, but a "still confused" comment. I've been bothered all season by the after-opposition-field goal choices the coach is making. With very few exceptions, maybe 3 or 4 all year, the HAM choice has been to take the ball at the 35 which, IMHO, is too conservative an approach particularly with a returner like Thigpen. I thought I had it figured out in Toronto, when the roof was closed to accommodate the Wendy's kick contest. The Cats chose to receive a kickoff after an Argo FG that night and I guessed it was because there was no wind factor. But, again last night, even with the wind in the face of Montreal's KO team, HAM took the ball at their own 35 rather than receive a KO after the Als' FG in the 2nd quarter? Would love to know why?

Yea even though Markeith Knowlton(A.K.A. Turnover Machine) is better than Chip Cox

I like that nickname for 25. My own suggestion is accurate as well: "The Stripper". He should be the CFL D MVP this year. Hopefully a linebacker or two (cue 35 and 28) will run into Montreal Jock and take his ballot away from him for D MVP this year. :lol: :lol: :lol:


I don't mean to chime in and be negative because Friday nights game was a great win that the TiCats needed to boost their confidence, but ...

I do have a small complaint. The last time the TiCats played Montreal, they played on a Saturday after playing on Labour Day Monday, while Montreal played on the previous Friday. This time when the TiCats played Montreal, we played on a Friday after Montreal last played on a Sunday, and last played on a Friday. Both games were blowouts. You can say what you want about the better team winning, but I think there is a lot to say about the amount of time a team gets off between games and their ability to properly prepare (particularly with some of the CFLPA rules).

I'm not trying to say the only reason the TiCats won is because Montreal was tired and unprepared (heck they played their buts off and dominated), but I don't think you can deny that this was at least a small factor (Montreal looked a little flat). Ultimately I wish they would do a little better job at making things fair for both teams. Teams should never play after only 4 days of rest.

It was nice to see the TiCats take it to Montreal, but a closer game would be more entertaining (although wins are always a little more entertaining). Personally I would prefer the CFL stick to Fridays and Saturdays, and only play on Monday on Labour Day, with a week off to follow.


I could not friggin' believe that woman... :roll:

How daft was that woman? And she's a 15-year season ticket holder? I loved the caller after her who basically called her an idiot. I love unintentional comedy.

what was her complaint?

Yeah, could someone please shed some light on this reportedly humourous call?

The women went on for about 5-10 minutes about how concession prices were too high. She wouldn't shut up about it. It was one of the most ridiculous call-ins I have ever heard. The caller after her couldn't believe she had been a STH for 15 years and yet only now realized concessions cost that much money.

Truly a lame complaint. Maybe we should start a thread with that title?

Anyone with a brain knows that concession prices are higher at an event for a reason. Running a professional football team is horribly expensive. Without maximizing ALL revenue streams bob would surely go bankrupt even sooner than he appears to be headed.

(The old joke is that the Ticats made bob a millionaire. Of course he started as a billionaire.)