Tonight - Part 2

Wow, what a shellacking. I'm not sure if the Lions were good tonight or the Stamps just that bad. Oh well, just an exhibition game - not going to get too excited about the score.

What is surprising though is that only 7500 fans showed up at McMahon. How pathetic is that? Sure it was miserable weather but I thought Calgarians were supposed to be some tough cowboys or something. Urban myth I guess. Talk about your fairweather fans .... pathetic support for an exciting team.

...the weather was miserable, cold, pouring rain, yeah 7700 isn't anything to be proud about, but it was pretty crappy out, and PS to boot...hey, I made it though.....

.....the lions are that good....granted there was a lot of pants-crapping play on the stamps side of the ball, but DD and Clermont/Jackson/etc were on fire....and while Joe Smith did not get a lot of carries, he will be a force to contend with....good job leos, glad we don't see you guys again until later int he season....

My son knows Boden from the Titans, even though he's a couple of years younger. We watched the midgets when they played, and Boden always stood out. Now, he's a (temporary?) 19 yr old Leo. Pretty iimpressive, and two TD's to boot.

This kid has a future.

Good gravy.

Lions looked nasty good tonight. Sure, it was only pre-season...but both teams had most of their starters in for 2/3 of the game.

Stamps played wayyyyy below their ability, but DD and the offence were deadly. Man, if Dickenson can stay healty (knock on every piece of wood available) Lions will go 14-4.

Here's to a wicked year, lads!

I don't plan "parade" routes based on Pre-season like some other cities do, however I am interested on how the O-line looked. Hey R& were at the game.....I didn't listen to it. Did the Calgary defense get at our QB's much?

.....not as much as last year.....DD was sacked twice I think but that was from individual effort, not a mass breakdown of the entire O line by any stretch....he seemed to have plenty of time to let the play set up and get the ball guys might be able to breathe a sigh of relief over that issue now....

I listened to the game Sporty. From the sounds of it our O-line is way better then last year .
All four imports we got for the two tackle spots are very close , with Jason Jimeniz ranking highest . He seems to have the right tackle spot locked up .

The other three are competeing for left tackle and they're all pretty good . All four are very big strong guys who are in good shape , no beer guts on them . Last year we had an old Mantyka and under sized Elowonibi . These guys are light years ahead phsically.
And don't worry about Simpson being gone , we didn't need him anymore . Glatt and Johnson are looking real good as well as a couple of other guys.
We also may have some new faces on the D-line as both Williams and Ferera did not make the trip . That's because the coaches wanted have a good look at two new guys, Aaron Hunt and I forget the other guys name.
Well both passed with flying colors especially Hunt. You heard his name all night long as he spent most of his time in the Stamp backfield . I think he's going to be a starter for us.
And what can we say about our secondary with the addition of Banks ? I believe they had something like four picks last night.
I don't think we'll be out of the playoffs this year as so many have predicted. :o