Tonight Masoli Must

A. Dominate, if not be clearly the difference maker.
B. "Oh, give him a break, hater, he's been injured"
C. Muddle through, just get the win.
D." Be realistic. A win would be nice but it's more important he gets acclimated and chemistry with Addison and Banks. Also people need to realize.."
E. Other.

I’m torn between C & D. So I pick DC.

Just want an idea of the prevailing Masoli expectations so whatever post game criticism or praise is seen as unrealistic , realistic, or hateful etc it won't be a surprise.

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E. Not get injured

Yes, should have added "Other" option.

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Well, certainly I'd like to see him dominate - be a difference maker. But that isn't a must.

I'd agree the only "must" would be must not get injured. (would be extremely demoralizing).

I suspect he'll start stronger today than he started the season. Well, we are playing a much weaker team in Montreal compared to Winnipeg, but still, I expect him to come out strong.

I suspect Montreal is going to struggle against our passing game, as there is little to no game footage to study (containing our current offense). I also think if Masoli starts to struggle a bit, the running game can bail them out, like it did over the last two games.

I'll admit, and I'm trying not to jinx anything, but this is going to be a good afternoon. I can feel it. Oskee wee wee!

Speaking of which , I wonder where the chairman of the Masoli fan club has been lately . I haven't seen any posts of late from number # 8 's number one fan . Maybe old Garney26 is in the witness protection program ? All kidding aside hopefully his absence isn't because of something of a serious nature such as perhaps an illness or something worse .

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agreed. while the schtick was just that, all Cats fans are part of the community.


Teaches me to give Masoli the benefit of the doubt. Fool me once shame on you..fool me twice...

Even option (D) didn't pan out. Was tonight's mess covered under the added option (E) -Other?

Masoli just doesn't have it guys. He's not going to be the leader the fanboys keep saying he is. Never. Can the experiment please be over now?

One of his worst games. First quarter he was throwing everything low, then throwing high. Missed wide open receivers by 10-20 yards a couple times. Throwing mechanics are terrible - all arm, shot putting balls. Didn’t stop and set his feet even when he had time and space whether in or out of the pocket. He needs to be way better or we’re in trouble. Seems to have no confidence.

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I wonder if he has no confidence in his knee?

Or ribs still bothering him? Whatever it is, we won’t go far unless he’s able to step it up. And maybe it’s time to make use of the speed of our receivers to actually throw past the los instead of laterally.

He doesn't look right, and he hasn't in the other two games either.

What and stop using Condell's favourite plays that almost never work.


We were praising Condell in 2019 when we were destroying other teams.
The issue is that he doesn't have players that are capable of playing football at a Pro level; at least compared to that team. Compare our starting offence to that team and you see the glaring changes.

I think he has no confidence in Condell. If you break down his years in Hamilton it is obvious that Masoli only excelled in the June Jones offence. I think the best career move for Masoli would be to get away from Condell and start fresh with a new OC.

Just a friendly reminder that while the numbers were there under JJ, we lit up the bad teams and lost to the good ones. That was the narrative of that entire 8-10 season.


You mean Masoli is only mediocre at best? Whouda thunk it? :thinking: