the scenerio in Winnipeg looks very faded, but in reality 2 wins over T.O in the next 3 weeks and a victory over Edmonton next week and the Bombers are in 2nd place. Very long shot i know, but not impossible. This is the Turn Around game, win tonight and maybe go on a streak isn't outta the question.

That is the great scenerio, the bad scenerio is LOSE TONIGHT AND THE PLAYOFFS ARE OUT OF REACH, can this team turn it around starting tonight? is it possible that the player's have been underachieving all year? Will Cartwrong and/or Berry come up with some new plays to help KG? Can Marshalls Defense and Cartwrongs offense play 60 minutes of football at the same time?

Not impossible, but needs to happen tonight and the rest of the season, can Moreno, Smith and Ellis provide this team with a positive spark? let's just hope so , our starting line up LOOKS STRONG TONIGHT, but can they all play as a unit for 60 MINS. Samuels in (great call).... GO BLUE!!! .....

Lose tonight and watch the revolving door swing faster beginning with Cartwrong or Marshall or Both, maybe both and Berry, who knows, Berry feels secure, but in reality he is on thin ice. Lose tonight and we start looking at 2009 and start some back ups to get a good look and see if they are worth keeping aroung (ie. Randall and Chang) i would even go as far as Glenn and Dinwiddie on thin ice.

Win Or Lose we know that in reality Milt will retire and all points to Bryant/Edwards and Armstrong as our 1-3 reciever's. We can assume that Simpson is finished with Lobedahn and Moreno on the team, i can see Moreno or Lobedahn at OLB, meaning Hall or Charlton will be fighting to stay on the team in 09. Bean will probably be gone after his poor play, but may be kept around to see if maybe he can play like he did last year and push Amos and Johnson, same with Samuels (who can play HB).

Win tonight and let's worry about 2009 when the time comes, lose tonight and the above questions need to be answered and NO ONE is SAFE, more about 2009 when the time comes and the time MAY BE TOMMOROW (LET'S HOPE NOT)

Two teams needing a win. TO looses and players are being shipped out. Winnipeg looses and the season is all but over. I'll put my money on Winnipeg. They need it more. Glen is playing much better than earlier in the season. Joseph is in a rut. The Don may be back, but I think that time has past him by and besides he still has a learning curve as to his teams strenghs (if any). Good luck Winnipeg, go rock the boat.

Our defense, I mean - just lovely to watch.