Tonight Draft

There is no way for me to watch the Draft tonight, would you please Post from time to time as to how you think the selections are going? I would really appreciate your info.

If you can't watch it you can follow it here:

Well we can start off with the Cats have traded their 1st and 3rd round picks to the Als for OG Ryan Bomben. (national)

Thank you, I was hoping ESPN3 would have it, but they don't.

The Cats are obviously serious about improving their red zone production:

Ticats had picks 17 and 20, and used them both on linebackers Archambault and Langa. Can never have too many of these guys, I suppose, as they are usually good special teamers, if nothing else.

Archambault's combine results say he's very strong - blew away the competition on the bench press - and very maneuverable - great times on both the shuttle and the three cone. Langa has similar times, but nowhere near the reps on the bench press.

Do we blow the 29th pick on a future " Covington"

Apparently, Austin agrees with my statement about never having too many national linebackers, as he's picked another one at #29, Ron Omara. Good 40, decent shuttle, OK press. Not sure what happened on the three cone.

Looks like Austin's plan is to start a Canadian LB (Plesius) as a ratio-buster, and ensure he has adequate depth there if Plesius goes down.

Must mean Austin is happy with the current stable of national receivers behind Fantuz.

Great move to trade the two picks for Bonben. The OL prospects available when Hamilton had their original 1st round pick were all surrounded by question marks.

That would mean nine starting nationals by my count - three o-line, one receiver, two d-line, two DBs, and one LB. But then maybe it's just the flexibility to mix and match that he's going for.

I doubt they have plans to start a Canadian LB. These LB draft picks are basically for special teams depth and the fact that Plesius, Gascon-Nadon and King are going into their option year of their contracts. It never hurts to have good special teams depth when there is potential for some players to leave after this season.

Who did well in the draft?
The best and longest serving GM’s in the league!

We needed O/L’s, REC’s, we draft 4 LB’s a D/L, a DB and a WR with our 51st overall pick, :roll:
Our 2nd pick LB Jon Langa is one of the St Marys players who tested positive for methandienone and stanozolol,he is 5’9"
We Passed on REC Lamar Durant, DB Tevaughn Campbell, RB Shaq Murray- Lawrence, and O/L James Bodanis. :expressionless: :expressionless:

Oh, and it turns out that the trade for SJ haidara was for Christian Covington.
and the trade for O/L Bomben was for O/L Jacob Ruby and O/L James Bodanis

Grover, all 3 of the players you say we "missed out on" may never play in the CFL, and will certainly never play this year. We got a starting OL who can step in right away, and a plethora of LB's who will make our ratio flexibility stronger, who will plug holes Austin forsees in the lineup next year, and who will probably assist Banks scoring multiple punt/kick return TD's this year. I also think Austin plans on looking at some of those LB's as potential DB's. I don't think we "lost" in this draft at all. You have to look at the big picture.

Our biggest need was on the o-line, and it was an immediate need. A drafted player might help there, but odds are if he's good enough to start in his first year out of college, he's also good enough to get a look by an NFL team or two, so wouldn't be available until September at the earliest. Trading for a proven player who can be added into the rotation on day one is a smarter move in this situation.

I think we're OK at national receiver with Haidara and Woodson backing up Fantuz this year. And longer term, Watt should be back next year, assuming a full recovery, so not a critical need there either.

Our DB needs weren't for a national player, as we have national backups for Butler and Stephen, and if we start eight nationals with the extra on defence, one can be replaced by an international without restriction. We did need to replace Breaux, and Austin brought in Sears. Not quite Breaux, but who is?

But as I stated earlier, you can't have too many national linebackers, as they can be added to the roster immediately in a special teams role while they work their way into the rotation.

Cats definitely can play 2 Canadians on the D-Line but Hall is such a force in the middle I say he starts at the other DT spot making 3 Americans on the D-Line. With injuries that may change but I think this is how Austin sees his D-Line on a sunny day.

It's highly unlikely that the team starts Plesius in the middle when they just re-signed Taylor Reed to a new contract.
I gotta agree with Pope on this one, special teams and futures are why the team drafted the way they did.
The Bomden trade (which I love :thup: ) is where the ratio- busting is going to happen on the O-Line not at LB. This trade will allow them to go back to a 3-Cdn/2-Imp set up on the line with Filer,Dyakowski and Bomden slated as the interior starters with O'Neill as rotational and allowing them to bounce Simmons back outside to his natural Tackle position bookended with Figueroa on the other side. As for the starting 3 at LB barring anything unforeseen it should be the trio of Lawrence and Harris outside with Reed patrolling the middle once again this season. Plesius will still be rotated in,in certain match-ups and sets as Reeds backup much like last year. As for our 7 to 8 Cdn designated starters look for it to breakdown something like this for flexibility:4 on Offence- Fantuz-sb/Bomden-g/Dyakowski-g/Filer-c and 4 on Defence- Laurent-dt/Bulcke-dt(rotating), Stephen-cb/Butler-s.

Well, exactly as I predicted :wink: we drafted 4 LBs, a DL, a 5th round WR, and no OL.

Duane Forde's extensive ranking, by position, of 60 players was published just a day or two before the draft and included these observations on the TiCats' picks:

#17 - Byron Archambault - LB, Montreal - ranked as the #2 LB - "Playing in the box, he excels, however his speed becomes a concern in space vs. CFL running backs."

#20 - Jonathon Langa - LB, Saint Mary's - ranked as the #10 LB - "He possesses good instincts and is a strong tackler but, in a very deep linebacker class, his size hurts him."

#29 - Ron Omara - LB, SFX - ranked as the #5 LB - "At 24, he may be approaching his ceiling but he's a smart, physical player with deceptive athleticism."

#51 - Everett Ellefsen - DL, McNeese State - ranked as the #7 DL -"He has decent pass rush skills and pursues well from the backside -- a potential rotation player and special teamer."

#52 - Daniel English - WR, Langley Rams / UBC - ranked as the #10 WR - "Faster than his combine time, he's raw but has always been able to use size, speed and reach to stretch the field."

#61- Preston Huggins - LB - wasn't ranked among the 10 top LBs

I share Grover's pain.

But Austin clearly has a plan. After the Bomben trade, OL was covered. After that he wanted players who could block and tackle on special teams, given the new rules. It seems unlikely that Durant would fit that bill. He doesn't sound like a plugger.

On the trade for Bomben , we needed starting NAT O/L's in the worst way and got a great one.
Why did we need NAT O/L's in the worst way?
Because we havent drafted an O/L in this millenum!!!!
Bomben is a free agent after this season, We had better hope that he re-signs with us because if he walks, we end up with the square root of sweet Adams out of this draft. Bomben will command a big raise on his already 6 figure contract
None of the plethora of those NAT LB's are going to unseat any of our starting LB's.
I like Archie at #17, but #20 LB Jon Langa?? He is 5'9" 215lbs with a positive test for steroids, no wonder he is 215lbs,
now that he will have to give up the juice he will shrink to 5'8"" and 185lbs! :expressionless:
Players that were still available at #20 were
DB TEVAUGHN CAMPBELL, ranked #15 in CFL central scouting
RB SHAQUILLE MURRAY-LAWRENCE, ranked #16 in CFL central scouting