Tonight - Bombers or Argos?

So who do you want to win? If the Argos win they're six points up if Winnipeg wins they go ahead of us.
A Winnpeg win is probably the best scenario.

Winnipeg cuz we still play them a couple times and can easily make up these points

Winnipeg for 2 reasons:

  1. We have to shoot for 2nd place. It's the only way we can make the playoffs.

  2. NEVER cheer for the blue team.

we need the peg to win. and i really think they will

I don't think so. Toronto players are playing for their jobs. Don made it clear that they have one game to impress him and Saturday he'll make decisions... This is especialy important for the young guys, receivers better hang on to the ball, follow scramble rules and play a focus game.

Winnipeg has not won a game on the road this year. I would be surprised if they beat Toronto. Moreno dosen't adress their kicking and Quarterbacking. Just minimises the loss of their linebackers.

no more fit in or f... off.

Its show me or I pack your bags.


It's not just Toronto players that are playing for their jobs. Could be a few Bombers players on their way out if they don't win tonight. Berry has to win or he could be gone too.

I want Winnipeg to win (even though I hate them more than Toronto) but I think the Argos will have a breakout game tonight.


Glen has turned the corner. I think he can do it. It is whehter or not the defnse smartens up.

Glen who?

We can watch and cheer for our best player. :roll: :oops:

Succinctly put, Jim.

Oski Wee Wee,

The Don cracked the whip and is getting pink slips ready so I say the double blue kick a$$

Never cheer for the Blue team is correct.
What a question to ask on the Ti-Cat forum...................................... ,of course both teams are Blue and everybody is cheering for Zeke Bomber!

everybody is cheering for Zeke Bomber!
speak for yourself!..I'm not..I hope he, pardon the pun..'BOMBS'
Wipe the smerck from the Bombers GM face

That would be "smirk", and I agree with you. Berry should not be smiling at the end of tonight's game. Can't hate Zeke, though.

Argos will win. They are playing for their jobs. Also, Moreno wanted out of Hamilton so fast, he was in the 'Peg before the trade was even finalized.

An Argo-Cat fan

I am a Don fan I like his style and his record as a coach #1 in the CFL :thup: And its good to see him on the sidelines for the CFL he is a Class act just ask Any player who as ever played for him! :rockin: