(Tongue in cheek - A little HOPE for everybody

As with all things a little hope is always good. There is no question we played very poorly today. However we also played very well last Monday. The reality of today's loss combined with Winnepeg's loss is that the East is truly competitive for the first time in years from 1-3rd place.

The biggest game of the year will be the next one from now till game 18. Certainly our road play must drastically improve given our schedule. 1-4 on the road is obviously terrible. If you consider the Calgary game neutral then I would suggest we need to win 5 of 8 to host a playoff game and perhaps even an east final.

So here is my hopeful end to the season!!!

We beat Edmonton, lose to Calgary though I hope we win this one, we beat Toronto both times, Montreal (see note in next paragraph) Winnepeg and lose to B.C. and to Saskatchewan. If we win all 8, or more than 5 I'll be very happy. My hope would make us 10-8.

Winnipeg and Montreal play each other 3 times and though I see Montreal winning two of three and beating Toronto,Edmonton, however I also see them potentially losing to us (yes the law of averages says will win win in Montreal eventually) to Calgary and to B.C.

That my friends would make the Alouettes finish 10-8. We would be 10-8. Winnepeg, goes 1-2 against Montreal, loses to us at Ivor Wynne, beats Edmonton go one and one against Toronto and lose the last game of the year against Calgary.

All three teams wind up 10-8 and some mathematical formula is used to figure out who in the world finshes in what positions.

Well we can then HOPE we wind up first and win the East final and the Grey Cup.

Take a good long breath my friends, hug someone you love and remember it is the tenth anniversary of 911 and even though we all love it football is still just a game.

Take care of each other,


Maybe we dont need to play those remaining games.

A thoughtful analysis. i am still thinking the Cats go 9-9 (again), go to Winnipeg for the semi (we win), then the final at the Big Owe (a loss) Montreal vs Edmonton in the GC

Like you say, though, there is always hope!