Tompkins shouldn't bite off more than he can chew!

he's planning on running one back tonight?

oh really, like he's that good that he can just say it and it will happen!

Considering he has done squat all year, I think his plans are about to go awry here...

uhhh...not sure which article you read but no were did he say he'd return one.

Is this what you are referring to?

"I feel I'm close to breaking one,"

And you translate that as "I'm going to return one tonight against BC, guaranteed!"

Crawl back to the cellar in the basement which we call the Rider forum.

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uhh.. this says so.

it even says in the main part "plans on taking it to the endzone in the dome"

you don't think that means he is saying he will?

Damn straight it will...I wonder what Tompkins is going to say if he fails & Lockett doesn't?

Read the article again. Because obviously you read a little too much between the lines.

No where in that article does Tompkins say he is going to get a return.

Show me the where Tompkins is quoted as saying he's going to get a return. It's not him saying it, it's the author of the article.