tomowow night

hey aloutte fan's looking foward to meeting you guys tomowow night should be a good game ,hope to see some of you at the tailgate party with a bunch of us ticat fans at the madhatter, :rockin:

a ticat fan from Hamilton

Hey Pottingerfan!

Looking forward to a wet night? Rain in the forecast!

Hope you have fun in Montreal. Downtown will surely be hopping before and after the game, especially after an Als victory :lol:

Maybe I'll spot you guys, if you are some of the few Ti-Cat fans, although I'm sure there will be quite a few, since it's afterall a Saturday night, so they can make the trip down the 401, and also because the Ti-Cat fans are loyal, and they seem to always travel with the team, a lot like the Rider fans.

Enjoy the game, and your stay.


hey Ryooon im looking foward to a great night,now im not sure about an al's win :wink: ,you guy's won agansit us here in steeltown in july,so i think we'll make it even with a 27-24 win for us :wink: but i do look foward to meeting you guys.see you all tomowow

go cats go