Tomorrow's weather

So, I'm in Rochester, NY and everything I see on the internets is that it's going to rain tomorrow night for the game. Is that what you local folks are hearing?

Also, does IWS allow umbrellas?

pocket umbrellas only and frankly they should be banned as well. Umbrellas in a stadium are dangerous and annoying . Its the ultimate selfish act to use one

Totally agree. Umbrellas in a stadium dump water all over your neighbors AND obstruct views.

So, should we plan on rain?


80% chance of rain, even thunder showers in the evening.

It just started raining here (Hamilton Mtn) and there are thunder-storms in the forecast, looks like things won't clear up by game time. The weather here has been very funky the past few weeks with the drastic temperature changes between day & night. I would plan for rain, just to be on the safe side, garbage bag rain coat! :rockin:

Well lets hope for a downpour tonight. Hopefully it will get it all out of it's system by tomorrow afternoon. I'm gonna stick it out tomorrow. Baptize my new jersey.

You asked if you could buy one though. I’m confused

They are rude to use as mentioned and frankly they’re for girls. Best thing to do is buy a rain poncho if staying dry is important. I bought a yellow one with a Ticat logo at a game once for $5.

Check the hourly forecast, clearing starting at 5pm.

[url=] ... obs_hourly[/url]

Hopefully the hourly forecast is correct. It shows a clear weather period from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Here here
If you bring full Size Umbrellas
You not have access to the Stadium till take back to your car or leave it with Guess Services
I don't how many time Complained about this
II had my view block by a u no what in front of me nothing was done

That would be Great ...Remember to bring Seat Cover or a Towel to wipe your seat down

Yes take a seat cover even when it's sunny at IWS, we got a shock last year at the home opener. Sat on the metal bench seats in the sun and we jumped up fast, burned our cheeks. It was funny watching everyone else do the same thing.
It will be nice when they finally get the fold up fiberglass seats at IWS in a few years time.

Here is a great “live radar” I refer to most days:

[url=] ... ?play=true[/url]

Thanks it look Very clear now

[url=] ... =L8E%201A1[/url]

None of those terrible IWS winds that so confused #4 last year. However, @ 10 km/hr coming from the dressing room corner tonight's breeze should be enough to send him wide left at Balsam and wide right at Melrose. One of those would be a nice final play ending for a game where the Cat vets take a nice lead in the first half and the back-ups hold on, in the second half, to lead by 2.

Hey...THANKS for will come in handy. :thup: