Tomorrows weather: 1mm of rain.

According to it is supposed to rain at some point tomorrow. But they are predicting a massive 1mm of rain. Hardly worth bringing the poncho.

(Touch wood!)

and the ticats are favored to win the game by 2.5 points!! Even vegas oddsmakers are on the bandwagon!

but is supposed to clear thursday evening

Tigertown ain't afraid of no rain!

60% chance of rain which means it will rain on 60% of the city and maybe the stadium is in the dry 40% !

At 3-15 we were a very dry 16% last year, so we should be ok.

I find that if you are dressed appropraitely (if the rain bothers you) sporting events can be fun in the rain.

We just be Singing in the Rain for a Win. :lol: GO TICATS GO.. Rain or Shine it show Time

There will probably be more beer spilled than rain.

There will probably be more beer spilled than rain.

You can say that again.

Oh... you did

The weathernetwork says all thunderstorms and precipitation will be gone by 6:00 PM.

Ummmmmm.....hopefully the real 'storm' begins at 7:00

Think you can get the magician to make that rain disappear?

i aint afraid of no rain, i got my tickets today :slight_smile: so pumped! see u there in box j :smiley:!!
ill be wearin my 21 Goss jersey.. feel free to say allo :slight_smile:

So jealous of all of you in the Steeltown area who get to go to the game tomorrow night! If you hear screaming when we score.. it's just me screaming in Halifax :slight_smile:

lol ill be sure to drink a beer for yeh when we get a touchdown haha :smiley:

To celebrate Nova Scotia style, you have to double-fist your beer :slight_smile:

If it rains, or even threatens to....



It's not proper etiquette.

Buy a raincoat, bring a garbage bag or get wet.

A little rain never hurt anyone :slight_smile: