Tomorrows Starting QB

hey, has anyone heard any official news on who is starting QB against Montreal? I read in the Winnipeg Sun that they're hoping to have DD back and someone on another forum I'm in said he heard that Printers was starting. Just curious if anyone has heard anything. it would be greatly appreciated.

The Vancouver Sun says that Dickinson didn't make the trip. Printers is supposedly starting. Pierce is still banged up and is third in line.

Should be interesting

The Big Dog is correct...The Vancouver Province reported the same as well as CKNW..

Jarious Jackson is backup

Yeah, Printers, and then Jackson.

it'll be intresting to watch. Having a bcak up QB still a little banged up, and a defensive player backing him up, It won't be good if printers goes down.

Jackson isn't a defensive player , he's the #4 QB .

Well, the game today was a good one, even though the Leos lost it on the last play of the game. Printers, after a slow start in the first quarter, was back to his old self. I think CP might even have been the leading rusher for the Leos today.

It's too bad that the one mistake by Young in the endzone cost us the game...oh well, the Leos have shown that they are back.