Tomorrow's Depth Chart

This thread appears to have been originally about the depth chart, judging from the title of the thread, but it has been about one player who has been missing from that depth chart.

One non-AB3-related issue I would like to comment on is the D line. It's not good to see Forbes not on it. The D line is looking kinda thin with only Baggs, Smith, Steele, Hickman, and Brown on it. Hope none of those five get injured.

I see that Johnson is taking the place of Simmons at LT, and Simmons is now on the IR. And Thomas is also injured, and I don't think Dennis will be a scratch again. Not sure why he was scratched last week though. Who will be scratched this week?

As for the AB3 situation, I think Drew said it best in this article: ... abiii.html

- he wasn't on the 46-man roster handed out at walk through, which had him on the one-game injured.
  • he participated in walk through, something injured players don't normally do.

  • Bellefeuille said that a final decision on Bruce's status wouldn't be made until 3 p.m.

  • at 3 p.m. the Ticats confirm that Bruce won't play.

It's possible the intent of the entire exercise was to mess with the Riders. It's possible that they really didn't make a decision until after Bruce saw a specialist this afternoon. And it's possible that there's something else entirely going on.

All I'm going to say is that I'll believe any of the things that are being speculated about this after we see actual proof of what is being speculated.

Back to the topic (sort of)....

 After watching the Blue team getting steamrollered by Montreal I have become increasingly more concerned about this team.
 Montreal looks like they will continue to be the power house in the East this season.

But more worrisome is that the Blue team does show some signs of life on both sides of the ball. If they ever get a quarterback they could be quite competitive.
I am afraid that so far this season we are not anywhere close to being competitive.
I'd say Winnipeg, which is supposed to be in a re-building mode, looks to me like they could end up in second place in the East. The Blue team can only get better and will be in a fight for third place with us.
We need to get things together and beat Saskatchewan decisively to have any hope at all of being relevant in the East this season.
I think we will miss AB3. Hope the coaching staff does too.

You got this from a 40-17 beatdown? Toronto will not go anywhere as long as Lemon is the QB, which you basically stated, but Barker seems stubbornly attached to him, and as long as that is the case, Toronto won't win more than 7-9 games.

As far as Winnipeg is concerned, they need an offense. Their defense is amazing and will keep them in many games, but if they don't soon develop an offense to match, they will be in trouble. You can't win in the CFL without an offense and right now Winnipeg's offense hasn't done anything. In fact, their scoring numbers have gone down (24 to 22 to 20) each week. You can't win consistently in the CFL by scoring 22 points/game.

I will agree that Montreal still looks like the class of the division, and the league in general, but I'm not ready to write of the Cats just yet. I think a lot of problems with this team are being extremely exaggerated by many. If they lay another egg tomorrow, then I'll start to worry. But if they win, the Cats are right back in this thing.

I like to see them use T GRANT more at running back. :cowboy:

Actually Mosca that doesn't paint a pretty picture for Bruce. He says he isn't hurt and that he is being scratched against his will. He also states that he is THE guy in the team which he clearly has not been this season and has not been in the big games the past 2 seasons. No impressive at all

Any particular reason?

Personally, I think the O-line, including the FBs/TEs, needs to get better at run blocking. From what I've seen, all of the failures this year on running plays are a direct result of missed assignments by the blockers or of being driven straight back by the rush. Fix that and I don't care who we have running the ball - Cobourne, Grant, even Cobb - we'll be getting big yards. Without that and we're going to be seeing another year with a mediocre running game.