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I know what you are saying Ron, I'm just not buying it with all of the distractions AB is bringing. He isn't quietly going about his business, in fact publicly he's doing the opposite. He's going out of his way to stir up trouble. Even if he is hurt I am finding his antics quite troubling and caustic to team harmony

I have seen no antics since he kicked the football after dropping a pass last game

he publicly accepted all the blame for that. I watch Arland on the practice field

and, as always, he is conducting himself like a professional. No players were focussing

any attention on the :penciled in" name KETH on the back of his practice jersey.

Well I guess the name change and ranting about not getting the ball is not antics to you but it is to me. The last thing I would call his behaviour this week is professional

Folks, I suggest you are all over reacting to the siutation and seeing a crisis and dissension at every turn. Have you considered that AB3 has been knicked up and frustrated at himself at the injury and how it hampers him, and that he is part of a deflection action to keep folks focused on him and possible dissension and odd conduct instead of the team's need for a win on saturday and ramifications if they lose. It has worked, check the other sites, green people are already chalking up a win in that Rider killer Bruce is out of the line up. You do not think they spend the week preparing for Bruce? Even if Bruce and MB knew that Bruce would not likely play this saturday, was it not shrewd to at least keep the other side guessing and forcing them to prepare for AB111?

No wonder politicians get away with slinging crap and still getting elected, look at how gullible many are and how they fall for head fakes.

Relax, the Arland will be back soon enough, and when healthy, watch out, but if you still think something is afoot, by the lates Jesse Ventura Conspiracies book and get the "I believe in the worst scenario only" thoughts out of your system.

This is both the bad news and the good news about the forums (all forums).
On the one hand, life, and these forums, would be pretty boring if all we had was the truth to work with. :wink:

and on the other hand, here's my annual reminder:

Please don't take anything you read here too seriously. There is just no way of knowing whether what someone has posted here with the assertion that "this is the truth" - has any relationship to the truth.


0-2 and no production from Bruce is not jumping to conclusions. Watching him go postal is not jumping to conclusions. Watching his desperate cry for attention with the name change is not jumping to conclusions. AB's very long history of bizarre behaviour is not jumping to conclusions. All of the above lead me to a conclusion tho

8) Well, Ted Micheals said on the 5th quarter after our last loss, that there is something not right on this team, and there
   is some kind of problem.  He didn't know what it was, but said he hopes it get rectified very soon.

   I tend to agree that something is not right.  There is a problem regarding someone or something on this team.

   I'm not saying the problem is Bruce, but none of us know what is going on behind closed doors here.

   My own personal feeling is that Bruce is either going to be traded, or released outright !!!

Clearly, after being 0-2, now is the time for wild and baseless accusations, if not spontaneous lynching/mob forming!


Seriously guys. Calm down. It's a brand new coaching staff, working the kinks out.

Enough, let's get Rupert Murdoch on the case

“The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that you can never know if they are genuine.?
— Abraham Lincoln

Marcel is not new. Its the same old same old stuff only worse. Being calm in the face of adversity is one thing, ignoring impending doom is another

....and let's not forget the closed minded nature of "the many" in the place.


I’m open minded, show me something and I’ll react to it. The funny thing is the ones complaining about people not being open minded are almost always talking about someone they have a disagreement with on a particular issue and they themselves are equally closed minded to considering a view that differs from their own

Maybe Bruce is injured and there is no hostility. Found this on SlamSports.

Bruce downplayed his undisclosed injury.

"I'm not coming off an injury," Bruce said. "It's just a little bruise, a little banged up. No one is 100% right now. It's just something they want to be careful with, something they want to be cautious with and take care of their marquee player and I feel like I'm a marquee player."

Maybe the bruise is from Cobourne kicking him in the @$$ after last week's game.

So nobody will comment about AB3 introducing racial issues into this.
Texting his gansta heroes about his act of defiance to a team and country that has no history of slavery?
This guy will be traded to Saskatchewan next week.
Maybe he will find racial harmony there for a couple of years or less.

I don't want to turn this into a history debate, but if you think slavery never existed in Canada (or the land mass that is now called Canada) you are completely misinformed. Don't believe everything you see on those Canadian Heritage Minutes.

THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING! LOL....oh man, when I started reading this thread I started making mental notes to include in my reply but there is way too much BS to comment on specifically. I find it funny that a good chunk of the conspiracy theorists only come out when there is some controversy to talk about. AKT...I think your way off base on this one but hey, atleast you comment on all things ti-cat and don't just come out to participate in the witch burning!

I am absolutely serious when I say that it is like a knife through my heart to hear this.
I've looked around the net and have used this against blowhard Americans a few times and wasn't rebutted.
In the back of my mind I always had a feeling that I was wrong as the American Civil War was a few years before the estashment of the Dominion of Canada.
Those Brits were press gangin' slavemongerers for centuries.