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looks like Bruce is a no go. I don't buy this whole injury angle.

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I don't really believe it either, but im honestly happy he isn't in the lineup. I want to see what Grant can do and id like to get another look at Williams.

I have a feeling the offense will look much better without Bruce.

Sadly enough I beleive Mr. Bruce has shown his true colours. It's all about me and I will act like a fool until someone stops me. I believe Bruce is probably still pissed at Colbourne for getting told off on national tv for that kicking the ball stunt. I think this team has several locker room distractions that are disrupting the team dynamics. Either Marcel steps up and does something to show the rest of the team who is large and in charge or he will loose the faith of the rest of the team. I beleive he may have lost the locker room allready. Any thoughts?

He's not playing because he's getting traded. This is just like what happened to him when he was with the Boatmen. He's injured, but he's participating at the walk through today. This whole thing about changing his name is all part of it. He's letting everyone know how he feels and the Cats are punishing him and not making him available for comments. How convenient that he voices his displeasure and then come next practice he's sitting with an injury. Does anyone really know what "lower body" injury he has? Yesterday he was running around making hi-lite reel catches. Something is not right here.

Bruce's ego is injured. Your are correct - something is brewing in the front office.

Are you gus kidding me? Bruce is one of our best offensive players. Off-field antics?? What did he really do, he kicked the ball into the stands?? He was frustrated as a player. Maybe I am ignorant to the fact that he did something put RETH on the back of his jersey??? What is the big deal with that?? If he is traded or released, I will be very upset. If Avon could get up in his face and show leadership and is trying to instill a winning attitude by being vocal, then Avon on the same token can get up in Mann's face or Bruce's face and say "hey listen...I care bout yall...i wanna win. Don't take it personal, we are a family". I find it funny that Bruce does something that may not be politically correct in some of your eyes, everyone is quick to throw him under the bus...but when he catches 15 balls in a game then everyone yells BRUUUUUUUCE....I am not saying everything he has done I have agreed with, but he is one of us, black and gold. Getting rid of him would just add to the inexperience.

In fact IMO, this organization has taken a step backwards. With what they were expected to do, and starting off 0-2 against 2 non playoff teams last year....and looking worse than them???

Well, perhaps the coaches can make some concessions with the name change if he feels that strongly about it. If his jersey reads "Bruce-Reth" or "Reth-Bruce" all of a sudden, and the CFL is ok with it, I think that would be ok.....maybe there is something deeper at play here though. Whatever it is, the team sure doesn't need the distractions and it needs to be resolved one way or another really quick. Coach said in the Spec that the name 'Reth" on his jersey is no-go from now on.

One thing that is puzzling is why Arland thinks Sean Combs needs to know (or even cares) about Tiger-Cat team business. :roll:

I really don't care about his off field antics, I just don't think hes that productive right now. If the Cats traded him and got a good db id be happy, anything else though and id keep him around.

When he said that he was dropping his slave name, he was implying that maybe that's how he feels the coaches have treated him lately. In his post game interview he said that he continues to work hard but they don't give him the ball. Things are getting ugly and I hope that we're all wrong here because losing him would be a step backwards.

I believe there are two spelling mistakes and, quite possibly, an equal number of truths in these quotes.

They may not be giving him the ball as much as he wants (or they should), but he's not doing much with it when he gets it. It's a problem on both sides. I would hate to lose AB and I am just hoping that everyone is blowing this out of proportion.

Ill ask you this though. Bruce is getting older and his career is just going to be going downhill from now on. If Grant, McDaniels and Williams all have good games on Saturday wouldn't getting a good defensive player help the team more than Bruce is?

Im not saying we can get a starting DB for him but if we can that's a move id like to see. I think BC might also be interested in this as they have been having some trouble catching the ball this year.

It could be that Bruce's act has played itself out with the Ti-Cats and a change of scenery is needed. As with the Argos, it seems when Bruce is not happy, he can be a very disruptive presence and it doesn't seem to bother him if he damages the team in the process.
If the Ti-Cats decide he has to go, getting something really valuable in return won't be easy IMO. Bruce is 34, carries a relatively big salary and has this history of "baggage" in terms of team issues at times. It also won't be easy to replace his 86 catch, 1300 yard All-Star season last year.

Wow, I have never seen so many people jump to so many conclusions in my life. I hope no one hurt their knees or ankles.

The Ti-Cats forums: where everything is a conspiracy and nothing can be taken at face value.

Any team which has AB3 and Avon Cobourne on it should be very happy and be able to use both their talents to win some games.
So what do we have? Dissension and 0-2.

does anyone think maybe, just maybe, he isn't good to go and is a little to banged up to play Saturday, wouldn't you rather have a healthy receiver who is 100% than a 75% receiver, especially when we are replacing him with a proven vet?

that's what I think at least, why all the hate for Bruce?

I don't buy the injury angle. It looks like Bruce was told to sit and think When he came back he performed well by all accounts and Marcel said they would wait and see. Well when a petulant player doesn't respond to benching during practice then the logical next step has to be a game benching

AND, starting another rookie. You know what that means !!

IMO, Arland wants to leave football and go into business with Sean P. Diddy Combs.

It's as obvious as the nose on my face. Really Ron? How do you know that.

TIGERtownRON: I don't really know, I just think it's so. That's enough, isn't it?

and anyway, why would anyone think that the medical staff

would ever tell the team that he may risk straining or
tearing the injured muscle in his lower body further

if he plays in the game this Saturday. That's outlandish.


Since none of you can see me. The nose on my face is growing

further clues to the the "keeping it real" message I intend.

...these emoticons :wink: :lol: :roll: