Tomorrow's 2020 CFL Draft

The Alouettes don't have a pick before the second round of the 2020 CFL Draft; in round 2 they have picks #22 and #23, while in round 3 they have picks #22 and #25.

I could be wrong, but to me the more pressing needs are at LB and DB; unfortunately, when picks #22 or #23 there could be no top prospects available at these positions. For this reason, provided there are available, I will not be surprised if Montreal selects, at # 22 or/and #24 Marc-Antoine Dequoy, DB, now a Green Bay free agent, or Michael Hoecht, DL, now a Los Angeles Rams free agent.

Should be interesting.

Richard Veilleux

Your numbers threw me for a moment ... second round are picks 14th and 16th ...
the Als should have a shot at 2 players in 10-20 range of the CFL Scouting Bureau's final rankings:

10 Mason Bennett DE North Dakota Winnipeg
11 Kétel Assé OL Laval Saint-Marc, Haiti
12 Isaac Adeyemi-Berglund DL Southeastern Louisiana Dartmouth, N.S.
13 Brendan O’Leary-Orange REC Nevada Toronto
14 Cameron Lawson DL Queen’s Caledon, Ont.
15 Adam Auclair DB Laval Quebec City
16 Dylan Giffen OL Western Strathroy, Ont.
17 Tyler Ternowski REC Waterloo Hamilton
18 Rysen John REC Simon Fraser Vancouver
19 Jack Cassar LB Carleton Msssauga, Ont.
20 J.J. Molson K UCLA Montre

Couple of LB/DB ... the top 20 is heavy in OL/DL (9), receiver (5), LB/DB (2 each) and one kicker and one QB ... so while I agree that DB and LB are inoprtant targets, unless things fall into place better to go with the "best player available"unless DM trades up to get a particular player or down to accumulate picks ... maybe 2021 first rounders if possible.

Sorry, GHT 120, my mistake. Indeed, should have read #14 and #16.

For these 2 picks my selection, or I should say my hope, are:

#14 Jack Cassar, LB, Carleton. Let's hope that Ottawa won't select him ahead of Montreal.

#16 Marc-Antoine Dequoy, DB, Montreal.

My original choice at # 14 was Adam Auclair, but I expect that he will be gone when Montreal selects, hence Jack Cassar.


As a Carleton grad I would be happy to see a Raven going to the Als ... CFL Draft is always challenging in that several of the best players are unknown quantities because of being drafted or signed by an NFL team ... how high a pick to risk on player that may be one or more years away from joining the team ...

En raison de l'absence d'émission spéciale sur RDS concernant le repêchage de la LCF (alors qu'il y en avait eu une pour la NFL...) l'analyste football du 98,5 FM Alexandre Laganière fera un facebook live avec une très belle brochette de collaborateurs. Je vais quand même être sur TSN ce soir pour une question de convivialité mais je regarderai la reprise probablement demain. C'est une bonne initiative même si elle est la conséquence de la malheureuse décision de RDS

Vos hôtes pour la soirée :

  • Alexandre Laganière le Rassembleur - Analyste des matchs des Alouettes au 98,5 FM
  • Jean St-Onge - Journaliste sportif Ă  Radio-Canada et commentateur des matchs des Alouettes au 98,5 FM
  • Marc-Olivier Brouillette - Ancien joueur de la LCF durant 9 saisons, analyste des matchs des Alouettes Ă  TSN Radio
  • Louis-Simon Lapointe - Journaliste sportif Ă  TVA Sports
  • Carl Gagnon-Bisaillon - Ancien joueur de football avec le Vert et Or de Sherbrooke

Nos invités :

  • Mario Cecchini - PrĂ©sident des Alouettes de MontrĂ©al
  • Byron Archambault - Directeur du dĂ©pistage national
  • Sasha Ghavami - Agent de joueurs CFL/NFL
  • Henoc Muamba - Secondeur des Alouettes de MontrĂ©al
  • Sean Thomas Erlington - Porteur de ballon des Tiger-Cats de Hamilton
  • Antoine Pruneau - Demi-dĂ©fensif du Rouge et Noir d’Ottawa
  • Shayne Gauthier - Secondeur des Blue Bombers de Winnipeg
  • Mathieu Betts- Joueur de ligne dĂ©fensive pour les Eskimos d'Edmonton

Looking at the top 20 list, I can't understand the rank of Kétel Assé selected in the LAST round, the last of 15 OL selected...

  • 10 picks
  • 3 from UoM ... not surprising ... it is "possible" he knows something about them that others might not ... or it may be heart over head ... , I'll judge the selections based on what they do on the field rather than the fact that DM coached them
  • Think O'Donnell is a good value selection at #22
  • 3 DL, 2 OL, 2 LB, a DB, a SB and a RB ... decent variety
  • Wonder if Colton Klassen (the RB) is any relation to former Al Michael Klassen?

Not a bad draft. Taking a chance on Dequoy is certainly worth it.

Agreed ... 6'3", 195 lbs DB with, from his UoM pro-day, a 37-inch vertical, 10-foot, eight-inch broad jump and an impressive 4.35 in the 40-yard sprint and 4.14 shuttle and 6.65 three-cone

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I also like they took a DL as their second Pick.