What are we hoping to see tomorrow vs the Arhols? Or hoping not to see..

For me I need to see positives from the Middle linebacker position. it's gonna be tough replacing Tank

Hoping not to see rain
Hoping not to see injuries to any key players

Hoping to see our QB's manage a good game and make good reads
Hoping to see a solid kicking game
Hoping to see our DLine put lots of pressure on Argo OL

That'll be good for me.

Well said! Although I can add
Hoping to see Argossuck! :rockin:

That right there is 100 percent the best answer

I would love to see one or both kickers step up and have good games

so lots of fumbles will be ok then :wink:

Dont worry much , In May 2014 Hoffman-Ellis was signed by the BC Lions. He remained on the roster as a reserve player for the first seven weeks, after which he was moved to the practice squad. He played for the first time in the final regular season game in Week 20, where he recorded eight defensive tackles, two special teams tackles, and a forced fumble.The Vancouver Sun described him as a demon on special teams. In 2015, his second year with the Lions, he had 57 tackles and three interceptions in 17 games, 10 as a starter. :rockin:

And to you good fan, "May the Bird of Paradise leave a reward in your shorts" :wink: .

Anyone else excited about the football game today? 3PM kickoff

I'm picking England to kick some Russian butt :thup: :thup: :rockin:

Not hoping to SEE anything. Will listen on the radio though. :wink:

So I guess that answers my next question. 'is this going to be on TV?' lol

Damn, I wish I was on the bus to Toronto instead of working but at least I'll be able to listen on 1150. I'm most interested in the kicking and punting, also curious about the new running backs as that's been a big weakness whenever CJ goes down.

from the highlights I watched England fans had their butts kicked.

Nothing to see from the running backs, Schuemman rushed 5 times for 22 yards, Ford 2 for 14 yards, Timmis 3 for 12 yards.
As for kicking, Cody Manel looked pretty good with a 51 yarder

Cody Mandell is one of our kickers. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

is he our only kicker?
I do not see his competition on the roster anymore Maher

8) Cody Manel ?? Would he be the son of former TiCat QB, John Manel ??? :roll: :lol:

Maher is still here and I have the feeling that both of these guys will be on the roster to start the season.
It seems that Maher will be the guy, but Mandell will still be on the team, maybe a PR spot

How'd Ellis play??