Is the day the NFL cuts come up here and the practice rosters are expanded from 7 to 12. Expect alot of cuts and alot of new faces, hopefully a new face wearing the head set to. I do believe this week is crucial for this season and next. We need to evaluate talent and make the roster moves if we are going to make a playoff push(a long shot, I know) or if we are going to move forward next year with a competitive football club. This team needs to find a new pair of offensive tackles, maybe a guard, a deep threat in the receiving core, 2 new defensive ends, a huge power pig defensive tackle that can plug up the holes on the defensive line, a new linebacker to replace Mariuz and maybe a few new DB's. Now some of this can be done through the draft, but the rest is going to have to be done through scouting and free agency. Sorry Bob but you might have to spend some more money if you are going to get the fans back in the stadium. Also I hope Obie finds his way to cutting some of the fat on this team.

I really dont think the players on the team need to be air lifted out. Marcel Belfool should be the one gone. No imagination on offence, has about 3 different run plays in his playbook, and no good throwing plays. How do you beat the Ti-Cats? Key on the run. Thats it. After that , Belfool is at a loss for what to do.

I agree with you on that one, but a few new linemen wouldn't hurt.

No argument about Bellefeuille but isn't the Ticat Defense dead last?

The defence would be better if they were not on the field for most of the game

Well last game...yesterda...BC's defense wasn on the field 4 minutes more then Hamilton's at the Half and the score was like BC 24 Hamilton 3 or something like that. The defensive front can't pressure AT ALL. The DB's are too inexperienced. Moreno is having a tough year.

NFL cuts may help with rush ends and DB's, maybe a receiver...Oline will need to be adressed via trades, FA or draft.

What worries me a great deal is that so far the replacements Obie has brought in arent an improvement. Were just replacing Stiff"A" with Stiff"B".
Not to, go ahead, mention it...rehiring "Were workin on it" Charlie.

"D" on Obie`s report card so far.

Time of possession has not been a problem all year. We've been putting up 30pts a game all year. The problem is the defense and I'm not quite sure how Creehan kept his job.

Defence has been horrible. O line has not given us a chance to develop a passing game. Despite that we score lots of points. I'd say that means our OC has done a credible job with the tools he has been given.