Tommy Shuler

No but between the tweet and him being put on the neg list it would indicate mutual interest. Also if he asks for a contract offer the Als have 10 to 30 days to make an offer. We know we are going to need extra receivers at some point this season anyway.

Agreed. I was just wondering why he'd try out for an Arena team if he had a chance to perhaps earn a better contract with the Als, but Hfx is suggesting that doing so allows him to stay in his hometown and chase NFL offers, which makes sense for him.

History seems to indicate that the close-knit Shuler family favorably influenced a number of Miami Central football players, so TS has stayed in Miami attached to the rock.

“Tommy has always been there for me,? Cato said. “Through the good times and the bad times throughout my life. His parents, his grandma, his dad, and his step-dad, his whole family, they’ve just been there. They took me in as their own child.?

“Tommy Shuler, [former Florida State and current Atlanta Falcons running back] Davonte Freeman, [former FIU and current Indianapolis Colts receiver] T.Y. Hilton, [Syracuse safety] Durrell Eskridge, those guys were around me for the tough times, kept me going, kept saying don’t quit,? Cato said. “I thank those guys every day because without football, there’s no me.?

I think Jim will take his time bringing in Shuler. Its best to let Cato become the uncontested leader of that team and develop relationships with his new teammates. Bringing in his "sibling" could shortcut that and create problems for Cato in the locker room. People being people... in a month or two might be ideal.

Oh, did he just ask for a contract? Refresh me on the rules here. The Als now MUST sign him or he becomes an FA. Is 72 hours that they have to get it done?

I don't think a tweet qualifies :lol:

Maybe, maybe not.

But at least I found something. I believe that it's accurate.

Players can notify the league of the negotiation window and if a contract offer is not received within 10 days, the player is removed from the team's neg list. If a fair contract offer is received, but rejected, the player is removed from the list one year from the offer date.

Exactly, sending written request to the league, not tweeting the planet. Anyway I think its just a matter of time before Jim makes has discussion with Schultz and Shuler.

Forgot to post this, but for Timothy and anyone interested, Shulers agent (same as Catos) was interviewed by Moffat last week and said that Shuler was in fact brought into Montreal a few weeks ago to work out. The team did not sign him at that time, but door is not closed.

So he's free as a bird

Thanks so much for the information. Those of us who know the Cato / Shuler relationship well continue to be perplexed by the play-calling decisions that lock Cato into the Als' non-existent pocket and management decisions that favor overpaid, over-the-hill receivers over Tommy who would instantly become a fan favorite.

I should have put the news in the correct thread. Shuler has been signed to the practice roster.

With Cody Hoffman apparently back on the 6 game IR and Marty Gilyard out of the picture (maybe gone), it makes perfect sense to start auditioning WR talent for the future.

Let's see what Shuler brings to the party.

Popp said today Shuler left camp for personal reasons, likely won`t be back this season, but will be at mini-camp.

And the player needs to be on the NEG List; not everyone signed to tryouts or practice roster is.