Tommy Joe Coffey Dies

Former All Star Receiver and Hall Of Famer, Tommy Joe Coffey has passed away at the age of 83.

Tommy lived for the last 30 plus years in Burlington who I the pleasure of seeing often.
Probably the best all round receiver and placekicker I have had the pleasure of watching play in the CFL.

Condolences to his family.
RIP Tommy Joe.


Aww...he was truly a great player. I never saw him in his prime but know a lot about his career. Met him once in Vancouver when I think he was selling insurance. I could tell he was delighted that someone recognized him in a Commercial Drive Italian coffee bar. Lovely guy.
I read a few years ago how he was suffering from brain injuries from his playing days.

Thank you for posting
Condolences to the family


RIP Tommy Joe. :trophy: :1st_place_medal: :football:

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My condolences to the Coffey family on their loss. Rest In Peace, Tommy Joe Coffey

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The full trade:

Hamilton gets Tommy Joe Coffey, Bill Redell, Marshall Starks, and Ed Turek

Edmonton gets Frank Cosentino, Don Sutherin, Gerry McDougall, and Billy Wayte.

[Sutherin refused to report to Edmonton so they flipped him to Ottawa for receiver Ian MacDonald}

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Did Bill Redell ever play QB for Hamilton?

:sunglasses: Bill Redell was the back up QB to Joe Zuger on the 1967 Grey Cup winning team.

He was also a DB, but never really saw much QB action with the TiCats with Zuger there as the number 1 guy !!

thanks Tipper

TOMMY JOE... the name on my jersey. Says it all for me.


I thought of your jersey when I heard the news. Sad day for all "vintage" Ticat fans. :cry: :cry: :cry: :mask:

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Was Tommy Joe the player that had a variety store around the Queenston Traffic Circle?

No. That was Tommy Grant.

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In the earlier article with TJC he seems bitter. Never watches or attends games.
Did he leave the Ticats under bad terms? Was he ever offered a role with them? Or did he just grow into a grumpy old man.

As I recall, I believe he was cut and then signed by the blew team for one year returning punts. (This was before blocking was allowed on punt returns).

Thanks. Tough cutting a guy like him. i guess he felt he wasn't done. I wonder if he was offered anything in the org or had the skillset and personality to be of good use. Sure was a great player.
I read where his helmet was stolen from a pool hall and returned 48 years later.
Question remains is what was it doing in a pool hall ? lol

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