Tommy Joe Coffee re-united with his stolen Football helmet

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Big Tommy Joe fan like many others on this forum.

Obviously stolen goods from the get-go. Doubt very much they were lying around in the bushes or something. Why didn't the pool hall owner call the police right away and report that he might be in the possession of stolen goods that a couple of guys brought into his business? Nope, I think I'll hang on to these babies for 50 years :roll: . The best part is that Tommy Joe is going to get that helmet and sell it to some die-hard fan like he did with the rest of his memorabilia in an auction a couple of years ago.

#75 is on my jersey but I sure wish I had one like in MightyPope's signature above. (But in black) Mine is one of the Reebok ones - only 2 stripes, odd collar line, etc.

Glad to hear Tommy got it back!!