Tommy Grant

Fan590 just announced Tommy Grant has passed on. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends.

Very sad. My condolences to his loved ones as well.

Great all-purpose player. :thup:
My father idolized him back in the day.

Brief article from CHML site on Tommy Grant

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Sorry to hear about Tommy's passing. He was a great speedy Canadian WR who would look good on any CFL team now. I don't remember if they had 40 yard times back then, I think it was more how fast a player was in the 100. But I believe Tommy would have been a 4.4 - 4.5 guy.

My condolences to his family. I remember just a year or two ago he and Mosca were posing with folks for the Purolator tackle hunger photos with the Grey Cup.

Sad to hear the passing of another Tiger cat great....Condolences to his family..

Did he not at one time have a store in Hamilton named after him? Was it not on Ottawa street?

he did have a variety store on main st e near the traffic circle

Rip Tommy

Tommy Grant was a huge part of those awesome Ti-Cat teams of the sixties. Provided this Hamilton fan with many great and memorable moments during my high school days in Greenfield Park. Your memory will live on forever. Thanks.

Another one of those TiCat greats that I wished was an Argo back when I was a kid. Very dependable player. The consummate pro.


An Argo-Cat fan

RIP Tommy, thanks for all you did for the team, your friends, fans, and family will miss you greatly! :frowning: :frowning:

Thanks Tommy for being a supper player on our beloved team. :cry:

"Pitch out to Tommy Grant" was one of my favourite plays when playing schoolyard touch football when I was a kid.

He was a wonderful player and a real gentleman.

8) You're right. Actually Tommy was the fastest player on those great TiCat teams !!
  He had blazing speed, and was even faster than his great team mate, Garney Henley.

  Tommy also worked as a car salesman for many years at the old Queenston Chev/Olds dealership at the Queenston 
   traffic circle.

   He was a true gentleman who loved to talk football every chance he could.  Used to see him on a regular basis in 
   Burlington over the last several years where he lived.

   Condolences to his family.

Gone, but never forgotten. He was one of the best!

Condolences to his family.

Jackie Parker and Tommy Grant may have been the most versatile of players in the history of the CFL.

Such multi-faceted dexterity in pro sports today is rare indeed.