Tommy Grant

Sad that, a couple or more days later, there has not been a single comment on this forum regarding this announcement.
Lost .... in comments on the likes of Tillman, Lumsden, Foley and Baggs ..... the amazing career of this member of the CFL Hall of Fame. What a (all Tiger-Cat) career -- 13 seasons, 9 Grey Cup appearances, 4 Grey Cup wins. The only two Tiger-Cats with higher career receiving yardage are both recognized simply by their first names -- Earl & Rocky. Think of all the greats, over the years, who are further down that list. A VERY long overdue local honour to a truly oustanding Canadian Tiger-Cat.

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I've only ever missed two wall of Honour dinners and definately won't be missing this one. :thup:

Congratulations to Tommy Grant, a guy who was rarely in the limelight but certainly deserves a spot in
the Hall of Fame. I saw all of his games and rarely have a seen a more dependable player.

It's shocking really that he already wasn't on the wall. He was the Canadian of the year in 1964:

One of the true greats. In my opinion he ranks up there with players like Evanshen, Gabriel, and DiPietro.

Congratulations Tommy for finally being recognized in your adopted home town. :rockin: :rockin:

On the All Time depth chart (Ver7) he is listed as the starting Slot back.

If my memory is correct, he came to the Cats from HIGH SCHOOL no less, in Windsor.

Back then they didn’t keep all those stats like forty times etc. I wonder how fast Tommy was in his prime over the forty. He could stretch the field.

Indeed! A wonderful player whose recognition on the Wall of Fame is richly deserved!

Oski Wee Wee,


Talked to Tommy in his store in the east end he talked to everybody a very approachable person and a great player proud to have known him. :thup:

With his induction to the wall of honour only two weeks away, I thought this thread needed a (little) bump.

What store is that? I never saw him play, but I've heard, read, and seen video of how good he was. Long overdue on the Wall of Honour...I'd say.

[i]Grant’s name will be added to the facade of the press box at Ivor Wynne Stadium during a halftime ceremony at the Ticats final regular season home game against the B.C. Lions on November 6, 2010.

The Wall of Honour Dinner will take place on Thursday, November 4 at Carmen's Banquet Centre (1520 Stone Church Road East). All-inclusive tickets (porchetta, dinner, bar) are now available for $90. Proceeds from the dinner benefit the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Alumni Association and their support of local grassroots football and the MS Society of Hamilton.[/i]

He operated a corner variety store on the north side of Main Street East by the corner of Strathearne Ave. at the traffic circle.
It was called " ? " Variety -- perhaps Queenston -- can't remember.


You may have seen him at the variety store near Main and Strathearne but I'm sure he was there as a customer. He worked many years in the car business at one of the dealerships at the traffic circle there... I'm gonna stick my neck out here and say it was SteelCity Motors vs Queenston ChevOlds. Help me out here.

Phenomenal player and when I saw him recently, still has a great head of Hair, curly/wavy, the envy of many of his teammates, and many others :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Always curteous and gentlemanly when I stopped and chatted with him when I used to frequent where he was working up to 12-18 months ago.


8) Well, you would be wrong then, "PJAY". :roll:
 Tommy did indeed own a variety store on Main St. E. for many years !!

  And yes, he did work for many, many years at Queenston ChevOlds, as a salesman.

Sadly I stand corrected.

Congrats to a great Tiger-Cat.