Tommy Grant Traffic Circle unveiled

The Queenston Traffic Circle has been renamed in honour of the late Canadian Football Hall of Famer Tommy Grant.
“Tommy Grant obviously was a legend — not only for the CFL — but that of the east end of Hamilton,? Merulla said Tuesday.

“The naming is in honour of contribution not only to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (and) the CFL, but to the business enterprise in the east end of Hamilton.?

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Nice. You don't hear a lot about people and the people they are many years after the spotlight....but I do remember hearing about Tommy Grant.

A very appropriate honour -- not the typical naming of a street in some new subdivision. Immediately adjacent to Tommy Grant Traffic Circle is not only the building which housed his neighbourhood variety store but also the motor hotel where many Tiger-Cats were put up when they joined the team an where Tommy and his teammates stayed together, after downtown fan rallies, before some of the biggest playoff games in club history.

Agreed! I hope we never again have any public traffic circle, road, highway, airport named after a politician.
only Sports heroes or war heroes.

Thanks for posting Captain.

What a great idea!
Whoever brought this forward should be congratulated.
Great honour for an outstanding player and citizen.

Who is the former Tiger Cat who sold cars at Queenston Chev Olds after he retired? ... I though it was Tommy Grant but when reading this post I noticed he had a Variety Store in the area.

Does anyone know?

SUPER :thup:

Yes, it was Tommy Grant. Queenston was at the traffic circle in those days.

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Great pics 1tccat, grew up in that neighborhood.

The “Tommy Grant Traffic Circle.” How appropriate!!

I am so pleased to hear about this.

Tommy was (and is) an icon for Hamilton and the CFL.